Exploring and clearing what was reducing my sensitivity to emotional connections to friends and close ones and how these emotional filters and blocks were somehow being represented as degraded eyesight and vision.

Over the space of a few days I noticed that my vision was not so good as it had been; slightly blurred, not as clear. When I closed my right eye while looking at the wall 3 meters distant my vision was blurred when compared to looking with both eyes. Then if I swapped eyes; open my right eye and close my left, my overall sight improves; showing that the blurring is effecting my left eye only. However when I do the same thing while looking at the writing in a book held say one foot in front of me I get the following; The left eye turns out to see much better than the right close up which is the opposite of how my eyes are further away – bizarre or what! Investigations revealed the following:

  • I found an interference overlaying my left eye – disposal of this took a huge 30 minutes after which the left eye blur effect disappeared completely.
  • The right eye turned out to have an interference that just effected close up sight in that eye. Unfortunately there was an entity protecting this interference so it took a full two days to get rid of the whole lot before the right eye returned to normal.

Each of these ‘interferences’ were directly effecting my emotional response to others. Their effect was that I thought about certain people much less and my emotional content to these people was much reduced. This made me feel that I was not as ‘connected’ to these people as I had thought. I feel that the changes that I had noticed in my vision were really just a representation of the dampening of my feelings and my thoughts. Without these filters and blocks then feelings and thoughts about certain people came into my consciousness both with greater strength and more frequently. Basically these ‘things’ were pushing me away from particular others and the presentation in my eyesight was symbolic in terms of ‘something’ effecting the reception of sensory information.

Any additional comments? After exploring and dealing with a few things that resulted in an improvement in my vision I started to spend time each day ‘looking’ at my sight and therefore what I was seeing and how I was seeing it as a means to became more sensitive to my eyes and my sight in general. Doing this for a while made me notice more subtle eye effects. For example while sitting on the promenade over looking the bay where I live I noticed that I was seeing the scene but not really taking it in. I can only say that I was not engaged with it, it was not emotionally impacting me. So, I checked and found what was causing this and got rid of it. Everything immediately became brighter and more vivid, I could in a sense feel the landscape; it was being allowed to emotionally impact me. Getting rid of this improved my perception to a point where I noticed that there were other smaller areas within my vision that seemed to be almost like holes that had the same type of blankness to them; again as if something was being cut out or filtered. These holes could be represented by an object 4 inches in diameter held at arms length (a large roll of sticky tape for example). These too were relatively easy to get rid of once identified and targeted. These holes where all representations of filters making it more difficult for me to connect with certain resonances (people) or think or plan in certain ways. In these examples each of these effects only became visible when I was focused to see things at a very long distance – a half mile or so. These aberrations were not noticeable in my vision when looking at things close up, lets say less than 50 meters.

WSW relevant observations? As bizarre as it seems, it appears that components of our vision correlate with a much greater range of sensory information that we cannot immediately categorise as visual. The above describes for the most part filters in my energy field that were blocking the reception of emotional content. I suspect that these filters were having more effect than what I noticed in terms of my eyes and that the reduced quality of my sight was indicative of a more generalised reduced ability to be responsive to emotional signals in my environment impacting my energy body as a whole. In other words (translating the gobbled gook) the presentation of blank areas in my vision is probably a secondary symptom representing that filter or block present in my energy body.

Keywords: sabotage, emotional connections, reception of emotional information, emotional sensory filters, limitations to vision, eye sight, vision, forced emotional distancing