Finding out why my eye sight had been deteriorating over a five year period making it more and more difficult to read normally and then reversing this.

My normal sight had been deteriorating over a 5 year period when I started to investigate these areas. At that time I could only comfortably read for example by holding what I was reading at arms length when before I could comfortably read holding it in my lap. I was going to have to resort to getting reading glasses within 6 months.

So, just on the off chance I decided to see if something was influencing my sight and causing it to degrade. It came as a quite a shock to find huge numbers of minor ‘interferences’ that individually would make no difference but together added up to some serious debilitations effecting my normal range vision.

It took me about 3 weeks working for 10 minutes daily to bring my reading sight from being at full arms length to half this distance – almost back to what is was 5 years previously.

Keywords: eye sight, deteriorating vision, poor vision, reading challenges