While having a session to resolve mental concentration, focus, memory and attention challenges I also had a huge improvement in my peripheral vision. An example showing the breadth of issues that can be addressed in one go and how vision challenges are often related to eroded mental capabilities.

Poor memory and difficulty putting attention on mind problems

I was having a lot of trouble with mentally focusing on the work I wanted to do with the WSW teams at that time. My memory seemed to be very poor, and I had trouble identifying the things that I felt were interfering with my mind. I had a strong desire to SEE any hidden problems. So, at the time, I was NOT working directly on vision, but on how I approached issues mentally and what I paid attention to. What happened was that while working on these mental areas my eyesight improved dramatically and instantly.

Vision blank spots, tunnel vision, blind spots

I had been unaware of quite substantial blank spots in my vision to both left and right sides. Anything that existed to either side which was further away than about 10 feet, I realized that I had just not been seeing. Or maybe it was that I could not pay attention to it or focus on it. In a sense it was like a type of tunnel vision where things outside a certain area did not exist for me. I believe it was mostly a mental effect, in that there was nothing wrong with my eyes to cause this problem, but I could not use or process the images from those areas.

The vision difficulties and trouble concentrating seem to be related and have both been a problem since I was a teenager. They gradually worsened over a 20 year time frame, but only became really noticeable as a problem during the last 10 years. It has effected how I live, work and interact with other people. Comparing my eyesight now to what it was, I am sure I have missed opportunities from not seeing things while driving, not seeing a store or address I was looking for. It was probably dangerous, too, in terms of not seeing the cars around me in certain areas of my visual field . . . like an extended blind spot!

Vast difference to vision and improvements to memory and concentration

I didn’t internally feel anything or notice any change as I did the healing clearing on the areas I describe. I was not aware my vision had changed so drastically until I got out and drove around a few minutes later. I was amazed. I had missed seeing so many things. Children’s playgrounds by the road, places that looked interesting, new businesses. Streets where I had passed a hundred times and never saw half of the stuff I could see now. It was like I had been blind and could see again. I kept seeing things and thinking WOW! where did THAT come from! In places that I have driven past for years now. The effect was immediate and the opened up areas of vision have stayed clear since then. My mental focus was better, too. I found that my concentration and memory had improved after my self healing session. This was less obvious than the vision changes, but was still a very important effect.

What else might these hidden energy interferences be doing?

This all makes me wonder what other things I am not seeing, and what other subjects I have been steered away from or blocked from exploring by interferences.

Any additional comments? Here was undeniable personal proof that WSW really worked for me. It was something I could literally SEE and which made a huge difference in my life. It is very interesting to note that I had been working on one issue area using these techniques, to have benefits in another seemingly unrelated area of my life.

WSW relevant observations A? We have been finding more and more that issues with vision are linked to senses and perceptions generally and particularly in terms of taking in information in a much more general sense. Often the quality of vision and sight seems to represent how well we can take in mental, feeling and ‘resonance’ information too. We have also found correlations that suggest that degraded close up sight relates to challenges to ‘being in the moment’ and that far sight challenges relate to challenges in planning and envisioning. Oops! Look . . . a correlation in words there – envision and vision – must just be a coincidence though?

WSW relevant observations B? Another worrying aspect is that 90% of clients have collections of interferences acting to reduce their ability to focus and concentrate. As being able to focus and concentrate is a basic requirement to apply yourself to do just about anything then it is also an effective way to block people from exploring their issues to any deep level.

Keywords: vision, focus, blind spots, tunnel vision, concentration, mental focus, memory, attention, eye sight