Although I had been trying to plan the layout out of my client documentation for quite a few months I just could not get a coherent picture about how to fit things together – I would just be able to do parts and my head felt quite ‘fuzzy’ while trying to do more than this. So, I explored to see if anything was causing these symptoms with the most bizarre but interesting results.

Difficulties or Blocks Planning or Envisioning for the Future

There turned out to be many different combinations of ‘interferences’ having often hidden but quite serious limiting effects on my eye sight. Here I write about finding one such ‘interference’ and the effects on my sight when I got rid of it. To start I have to set the scene. From where I work I can see out of my window a ladder against a wall on the top of the building opposite. It sat there untouched for many months – I was aware of it in fine detail because it was always in my line of sight from where I sit. It was during this time that I was planing the layout out of the documentation but finding my head would not work to come up with a coherent structure. In effect I was trying to envision something, structure it and lay it out and use this as a template to work in the ‘NOW’ to manifest it over time. All well and good but for the fact that my thinking seemed to be quite confused in these areas.

True and truly bizarre REALITY distortions due to subtle energy blocks

So, one day while trying to identify any interferences that might in some way be responsible for my thinking being confused one largish energy device appeared in my awareness. Having identified something having an effect I worked on getting rid of this. The effect however was immediate, completely unexpected and bizarre. The ladder I looked at everyday and in fact everything at a distance through the window suddenly leapt closer – like I had some how flicked a switch to effect a X2 zoom function when looking through a camera lens. The closeness and the detail of the ladder literally doubled and I could see from the same position I had sat for 4 months things that I had been unable to make out before. The ladder and the building were twice the size they had been, yet of course my sitting position had not moved nor the buildings.

This interference had been making everything I was looking at seem twice as far away as it actually was. I kid you not. It was quite frightening to experience such a dramatic change to something considered constant and immutable both in terms of my sight and our reality As it took me a half day to stop feeling uneasy about this then I can appreciate how difficult it will be for you to accept what I write here. I’m updating this page over a year after first writing it and my long site STILL sees everything as twice as close. How is this possible?

Long term planning or abilities to realise goals improved

The effect on my long term planning abilities was noticeable too, they became noticeably better after this. Which is not surprising if my head was having everything pushed far away. To make it all seem vague and indistinct.

Any additional comments? When I actually explored the interference I was focused internally; sort of in a semi trance while I dealt with the ‘thing’, I got it cleared and a few seconds later I looked up and nearly jumped off the seat when confronted with the fact that building opposite had been moved about 10 meters closer across the street. Truly bizarre. I had been having to come to the conclusion that our reality is a representation and its representations are symbolic, this is another indication that this is true.

Other relevant observations? This was yet another example showing that sight, eyes, vision are more than just about us looking at what is ‘out there’. That the eyes are symbolic of much more than what we can immediately see. In this instance vision obviously means more than sight but is also symbolically representing the ability to envision too.

Keywords: sabotage, long range planning, mapping out a vision, structuring information, limitations to vision, eye sight, vision