What is Spiritual and what is not? Here we look at how one well respected spiritual path limited and constrained a client of WSW in ways that some of you might find quite shocking. This is not meant to be a criticism of this path in particular as we suspect that most paths if held to for long enough will result in the same type of limitations.

For over 13 years I belonged to a Buddhist Organisation that originated in Japan. I was heavily involved for most of these years after being made a leader after two months. This made me extremely loyal to the organisation. The Japanese culture was infused into us; we were taught to smile as women, say thank you frequently and be very nice to everyone regardless. This being nice and helpful was to show everyone how the path kept everyone happy. So, often I saw positive behaviour in front of people when they were new or with someone we were to impress but then also the real relationships between members when no one was around. I became involved with this path after I started to research how other women were fulfilling their spirituality and in the process someone invited me to a gathering of this organisation. I was immediately attracted to the phrase ‘absolute happiness’ and most people seemed happy and definitely more than I was at that time. So I started to practise this Buddhism and found I enjoyed the activities, was happier and was able to cope with life better. When I was ‘in the energy’ (my words) of the path I found I had an incredible ability to see all things as positive and even see positive outcomes to my problems which helped the chronic worrier I was.

Limitations this Buddhist approach all problems are Karma?

Eventually however I found that the practise was not taking me into the unlimited possibilities I thought it would and the precepts of the path became unacceptable in terms of their explanations for me. Particularly in terms of the following areas:

  • Limiting the range and expression of feelings: Being involved with this path made me feel that it was not right to express certain emotions; for example I did not feel comfortable expressing anger. So over time both my range of emotions and their depth became more limited.
  • Solutions to life problems are limited: Even though there were precepts to explain how to change your karma, they were not easily put into practise. Many precepts were not able to reconcile to my satisfaction all aspects of the problems and situations we found ourselves in. If someone was ill, it was karma, financially challenged, it was karma; always all problems were labelled as karma. It did help to guide you to take responsibility for your own life and stop blaming others, which empowered up to a point, and often times after prayer you could see how the actions you took led you into certain situations. But, when I was honest with myself I was quite confused about this religious path just as I had been with Christianity. So this path only worked up to a point and was not ‘absolute happiness’. it was not truly resolving all my issues but often insulating me from them which is why I felt my problems continuously came back.
  • Problems finding someone to have a relationship with: I also noticed that before I joined this path I did not have a problem finding dates or men that were interested in dating but after joining things changed. I had complained to Clive about it not being easy to find someone to have a relationship with, but did not relate it to the path I had been practising. I seemed to be invisible to men, although I was open to dating and interested in having a relationship and in a sense available I was rarely asked out and there did not seem to be anything obvious why this should be happening. I would always get the, why are you not married you are such a pretty woman.

After working with WSW for a while I then had a phase when I seemed to notice Buddhists everywhere. This prompted me to mention my past involvement in Japanese Buddhism to Clive who then realised that some of what was limiting me at this time was related to this path.

The ‘be part of a spiritual path’ forever syndrome

He had noticed that with other paths when initiations, rituals and vows had been taken that often these energies would still be with us on other levels even though we were no longer involved on the path in this life here. I was to find that this path was no exception. So, I explored and found that; yes I continued to have the guides originally assigned during the rituals still working with me. I talked to them and thanked them for their help but made it quite clear that their path was no longer a part of my life and I asked them to leave; I was quite forceful about this. However when I checked a few days later they were still with me. In fact there presence now seemed to be the cause of some heart and solar plexus pains.

Internally paths seem to forget their own values?

However nothing I did moved them until on Clive’s suggestion I reminded them that some of the precepts of this tradition is to not make judgements about others nor to disrespect what others choose. They were honouring neither of these with me and being very stubborn. So, when I forcefully pointed this out and demanded that they respect what I currently chose then they did eventually leave. I then had an emotional release relating to breaking these attachments. This release was because part of the guides training was to block the expression of certain emotions that this path deemed inappropriate. Over time these unexpressed emotions build up in your energy body and limit your emotional and behavioural responses they can even lead to physical challenges when the blocking is taken to an extreme. I wrote a mail to Clive; “I feel unbelievably better around my heart centre”. Immediately and almost unbelievably I had calls from people I had not heard from in years and was even asked out for dancing the same week and in total I was pursued for three dates – unheard of and perfect timing for my birthday. It was then obvious how much I had been stifled unknown to me by my involvement with this respected path. My feeling range has expanded giving me a greater ability to feel both better or worse depending on what happens. I also have lost the fear that something will happen to me if I stop this Buddhism and am quite comfortable letting them know I don’t practise and am not interested.

More awareness AFTER breaking from a path?

There was a lot of fear thoughts that would come into my head such as ‘What if this is the way?’. Since releasing myself from my attachments to this path my ability to see the world differently has expanded and I seem to be have more focus doing this. My awareness also seems to have moved beyond some invisible boundaries that had been there for a long time. Even after doing what I describe above I continued to feel that there was still some attachment to the lineage because these people still manage to gravitate to me; at this very moment for example there is a person who has been a member of the organisation for over 25 years sitting next to me. This made me realise that I still had my Buddhist altar in my house and felt this must be part of the original contract. So, two weeks after breaking with the guides I burned the altar and then experienced an unbelievably strong energy release that left me with a much lighter feeling. I realise the altar was acting as another depth of contract. I finally feel that with WSW that I can get to the bottom of my problems, I see a remarkable change in how I respond in life; and my frame of reference for living has shifted greatly.

Karma what karma?

I now have had enough experience of working directly with the real causes of my issues to know that karma is a small if not insignificant factor. I am both willing and able to allow myself to get really pissed off at what I find is the true cause preventing me from living to the fullest particularly when this is something that has been done to interfere with me. A month later I still have visits and calls unexpectedly from Buddhists friends, which strangely enough often coincided with me trying to write this document. But today I refuse to delay editing this experience any longer, I am tired of having my life interrupted without my consent. So I am putting the guides on notice again, STOP IT. I have also noticed that since I made this break my Buddhist friends have been spending more time almost compulsively doing the prayers and chants; its like their guides are trying very hard to distract these others from the fact of me definitely leaving and being happier.

WSW relevant observations? What can we say. This example is a repeat with what I have found with almost every client. Most paths no matter what is said publicly have an almost unbelievable tenacity internally. Often they will go against their own tenets of belief to hold someone to their way, which if you just write this differently would read “stop people from leaving”. The attitudes are all the same; you have strayed, you gave us permission to hold and guide you along our path and so, even though you may actively be wanting to move on these internal magnets will keep you bound to many and varied unconscious or implied agreements or worse. Like attracts like, so part of what a follower gets when joining this particular tradition as a soul are internal programs and energy focuses (like spells) that; for example; support and in fact directly guide you and although you wont believe it to in some cases amplify an attraction so you pick someone for a relationship from the same path while at the same time push others not of this path away and certainly push people whose beliefs do not match with those that are ‘acceptable’. These from this tradition were a strong but not exclusive factor keeping men away from Shirley. The inner energies of most paths (particularly those considered good) will try and keep you on the ‘right’ path, following the ‘true’ way rather than supporting you to do what you choose. This is sad but true. Those paths that many consider spiritually impeccable and above reproach are often the worst.

The never ending disrespect and violation of freewill . . . .

As a postscript to this example. After what is described above and breaking from these guides over the next year and a half more Buddhist guides turn up relating to other issues with this path. We break with these other sets 2-3 times. We think this might just be the end of this association but no it gets even worse;

The Buddhists keep turning up to a point where deeper investigations reveal that this client has a vow to be bond to this path FOR ALL TIME. In other words she has a vow to be stuck being a Japanese Buddhist lifetime after lifetime until this universe freezes over. THAT IS TRUE SPIRITUAL! MADNESS?

Their leader was affronted by our petitions to have her released from this vow. He absolutely refused to do this and so it took quite some persuasion and strong negotiations with the spiritual hierarchy and so on and SHOUTED reminders of freewill and the details of the constitution that governs us all of which this type of vow is an obscene violation.

In my terms this is entirely ANTI-SPIRITUAL, it shows fear of losing followers, and that the leaders of paths don’t accept the fantasy that all paths are equal (as we are told here).

While breaking this vow we found that another 500 paths are all doing the same thing; binding people forever to their path. So, this ‘spiritual’ practise is NOT rare but relatively common.

So, what vow may you have made that has you NOW bound to something without ANY choice for ever without ANY means of exit.

While writing this I was attacked by guides from this path (yet again) because one of my other clients has entered the energies of his Buddhist past lives and strangely enough is being MADE by these beings to feel shit, is being MADE by them to feel as if he might have a heart attack (I am not kidding) as well as to be MADE to question his work with me. Fortunately as he has already experienced being put into severe suffering about half a dozen times before this by so called ‘wonderful’ guides from other paths to force through PUNISHMENT to have him remain with them then he like me is getting quite pissed off with so called spiritual and ‘light’ affairs and beings turning out to NOT BE SPIRITUAL in the slightest.

Paths are in competition with each other. Their attitudes are; if only every one was a ‘Buddhist or ‘whatever’ enter the name of ANY path here’ then everything would be wonderful and we would ALL get on. That is the REALITY of the agenda of many so called spiritual paths.

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