There is a movement at this time trying to make people aware; the so called new age. We are supposed to be raising our awareness, our consciousness and becoming more ‘spiritual’. A new age should be just that; the re-examination of the old or the considered true to move into something actually and radically NEW. Moving beyond accepted but ultimately limiting paradigms and concepts has been one of the hallmarks of WSW for a very long time. Its originator is well aware that to hold to what ‘has been’ ensures that you stay there. This example is a wonderful illustration of why the so called new age remains ‘still born’; when so much of what is naively held to as truths by this movement are in fact the very things that are preventing it from actually, well . . . . moving. It is time to throw out our traditional and so called new age concepts of what spiritual really means as only by doing this can a true and actually ‘new’, new movement be made and what is supposed to be our spiritual heritage realised. This example is about encountering and dealing with the limits imposed on a client through being directly guided by his “higher self”.

  • Authors: Clive & Maya. Mfundi past on before this example was completed. So, we (Clive and Mfundi’s partner Maya) have put this together based on both his e-mail extracts and telephone conversations in Clive’s case and Maya’s daily experience of being part of his life and his WSW process changes on the other. Mfundi read and endorsed the higher self example that is included in our WSW model written elsewhere. The example here is orientated more toward his personal experience.

The aspiration to be truly spiritual?

My only client with a higher self was viewed by everyone aspiring to be spiritual as being a spiritual master. He had amazing patience with everyone, and absolutely no sense of ownership of anything. Because he spent his life helping others, he never built anything big for himself, never had any money, though he certainly had the capability. He could not engage in what are considered in certain spiritual circles as ‘lower’ emotions. He could not speak to defend himself, could never get angry, did not feel fear, nor could he relate to others feelings that were outside of his ‘higher’ emotions range.

Self sacrificing, serving others passive no confrontation alignment

Other’s needs always took priority. He would drop everything immediately no matter what he was doing to serve others. He could never say NO to anyone . . . . others always counted more than himself . . . Even when engrossed in a personal project that greatly interested him, he would still immediately stop what he was doing if anyone needed his attention or asked a question, and be ready to help right then and there, no matter what. When his partner pointed this behaviour out to him , he was shocked to realise it was true. To him, this behaviour was perfectly normal, and it surprised him to even hear that other people were not like this!

This behaviour was not from a lack of self-esteem but was something that he seemed to do automatically with a strong and patient love and compassion for others. His was like this his entire life; was born very much like this, and even as a teenager, was already in service to his parents/family . . . When his father got sick, he totally assumed the leadership role, even guiding his mother to make big decisions, like moving, without questioning and did so with great skill, utter kindness, and an inner feeling that it was obviously his role.

Some appreciation of the limitations of the spiritual

So, although he appreciated the good points of how he was there were many areas that he felt limited. He wanted to be able to engage with people using a full spectrum of feelings and not just the so called higher feelings. He wanted to be able to defend himself solidly, have a choice to do what he wanted as a priority over what others wanted and have a choice to make decisions rather than be guided all the time.

This clients higher self origins in ‘context’

This clients original soul had incarnated into a world that offered the Higher Self experience and it was this choice that resulted in the previous list of life limitations. When you sign up for an incarnation with this type of world then the administration of that world supervise a soul form split. One split becomes the form that incarnates and lives on the world in a body while the other form takes on the role of the ‘Higher Self’ in spirit to guide the incarnate form. During the split the form for incarnation retains all the original material while the other form is cut down to retain the best combination of qualities that will best represent what is appropriate for a Higher Self; cooperation, support, patience, care, sympathy, compassion and so forth. Both split forms have their memories sealed so that experiences from their past will not carry over and interfere with their current choice to fully experience what this ‘Higher Self’ world offers. What I found with this client is that both he as the representation who incarnated and his none identical twin have groups of energy devices (read implants) installed that do the following;

  • Translate what this world considers to be inappropriate feelings into appropriate ones. Which in ‘Higher Self’ terms means to convert lower emotions into higher emotions.
  • Cause all feelings to build up or amplify. As all feelings are translated into ‘nice’ feelings then all these nice feelings are boosted to make you feel even nicer; spiritual prozac.
  • Holds the soul to the beliefs, values, ideas and attitudes of the ‘Higher Self’ world. In other words the form is ‘programmed’ to respond in certain ways and DOES NOT HAVE A CHOICE.

The WSW teams removed all of these over the space of a few weeks. It took a couple of weeks before I really noticed any changes. It actually took quite a bit of being forceful of my intention (using my statement of intent) before changes happened. There was a lot of resistance from my higher self to a point where we had to insist directly to that Being that it stand to one side and no longer interfere with my life. So, it took a while but I began more and more to engage with the full range of emotions and also becoming more and more expressive of them. My voice changed during this time too – people commented on this. It went from always being very quiet and gentle to more and more expressive, it was like before I was stuck in 5th gear and now I had 5 gears and reverse I COULD SAY NO – though remain kind about it, a revelation to me and certainly to others that before had been taking advantage of me or whom expected me to automatically respond in particular ways.

New choices without a higher self driving outcomes

With time I changed in the following areas:

  • I can stand for myself: I could stand up for myself, I could tell people when I was not happy about something, my feeling expression improved amazingly to a point where I shocked people by swearing in circumstances where this was appropriate to emphasise what I was feeling . . . . before this I never swore, but then before this I never ever said no to anyone either.
  • I can engage with people more equally: I used to always listen to people, let them talk and be relatively quiet, as if my opinion didn’t matter much but after the changes, I could engage more easily in taking up some room in the conversation and make a point of expressing my thoughts. I really enjoyed that.
  • I have a greater feeling range and depth: I was always puzzled by the fact that people around me – like Maya- had a broader and deeper range of feelings say from 1 to 10 and myself I only had a range of 4 to 6. I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t feel emotions more deeply, whether happy or sad. After the WSW work, I gradually became a 2 to 9.
  • I can make decisions for myself: I also started making decisions for myself. Before this I was always aware of following some inner prompting I would just follow along an automatic intuitive path where I sort of knew what i needed to do at any point. Even when working on building a house it would be like this. Now however I don’t do things automatically anymore. I c
    an stop, ask myself whether this is the way I want to go about doing the work or if i want to do it some other way or even do something else; then I choose. Before, yes I would say that whatever I was doing was working very well, but there never seemed to be any other alternatives. I was locked into doing things the same way. I was being held to a limiting set of solutions.
  • I can feel new feelings: I was reintroduced to fear; an interesting experience. While climbing a high ladder for my work; something that in the past I did regularly and without thinking about I suddenly found myself experiencing a slight fear for the first time in my life. It surprised me, but did not bother me. I stopped where I was on the ladder and let myself feel it, it was nice to feel it, talk to it and reassure it and then continue on climbing. Now I actually know what people mean when they talk about fear.

This WSW is turning everything on it head. I was considered by many as being a true representation of a spiritual person, I quite liked being as I was that but at this same time I felt so limited in many areas. I understand what Clive is saying now about having a choice, before I did not have a choice I was being forced into certain presentations with no ability to feel or express or live any other way. Now I can choose how to be; in fact I marvel at how wonderful it is to be able to have the choice to make my own decisions in each moment. Before my Higher Self made these decisions and I was a puppet being jerked by its strings. I wanted a greater freedom and paradoxically I did this by getting rid of what so many others aspire to.

What is the higher self?

A Higher Self is a concept presented within the light work / ascension approaches describing a form that is part of yourself that guides and supports you. That the spiritual consensus here likes to package diversity to create an insipid oneness is confirmed as this description of the ‘Higher Self’ from elsewhere illustrates; “The higher self is known by various names; God self, transpersonal witness, angelic self, overself, oversoul. The oversoul/higher self is often what is met in mystical experiences and interpreted as a benevolent deity or being.” These types of interpretation are a classical example of paradigm lock – where peoples entirely different original experiences and awareness are all boiled down to mean the same thing. This description is appalling in this regard; lumping entirely different beings and concepts together to try and force them into one mould. For myself I suspect that what is called here the overself / oversoul might actually refer to what we call our ‘original’ form. Angelic beings are part of the hierarchy I counted some as personal friends during the phase when I had daily contact with them and they have no association with the rest. Gods / goddesses are a mine field with many different representations and the higher self has entirely different origins as we have just described here.

The higher self is a clone of an original soul form. It is enslaved to a none identical twin for the rest of eternity, it and it’s twin have changes made to their energy bodies that ensure that they conform to their roles. If you make a free choice to experience this type of world then fair enough, but when your incarnation finishes and you leave, all of these changes and technology are left intact. Forcing you to adhere to certain values, behaviours, responses, a subset of emotions and a severely limited emotional expression. Is this spiritual? Thank God I do not have a higher self, I prefer to be as free as possible to make my own choices and to develop naturally.

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