Whenever I attempted to do any self exploration this would be sabotaged in a variety of ways through degrading my focus and attention and also very strongly by distractions. I was prevented for many years from going inward, I was stopped from accessing my inner landscape to make it as difficult as possible to explore and ultimately reclaim areas of myself and help others do the same.

Being distracted, having no attention when studying as a life coach or making transformational jewellery

I had virtually no focus, and little attention toward certain areas of my life and I was very distracted. For example I was incapable of working in my studio where I make energised transformational jewelry for more than 30 minutes at a time. I was constantly stopping to go do something else and it seemed like I had no control over this. My body would just suddenly get up and run away to get a drink or check my e-mail and I would always think I’d only be away from work for 5 minutes when in fact it would invariably be an hour before I would go back to my studio. Where I would work again for another 20 minutes until my body would run away again. I was studying to be a Life Coach and had an exam coming up at and of course lots of work to do but I was simply incapable of even starting to study. I had been like this constantly for several months.

These challenges have been with me throughout my adult life. I have always gone from one thing to another, but lately, it’s been particularly bad! So, we decided to have some sessions to address these areas directly. Then the fun really started . . . .

1. Serious distractions to even exploring issue causes

We decided that it would be best for me to work on my focus over the phone with Clive so see if we can improve it. So, this is what we did, I rang Clive and as soon as we even start reading the targeting phrase list my eyes start blinking like mad, so much that I can no longer read the list. This blinking happened to me whenever I feel like I am doing something that connects me more deeply to myself like practising channelling, breath work, meditation, altar work and the like. So, we have to work very strongly on this, it takes a few minutes and then goes. We continue, but again we have various things happening, I am made to feel tired, my eyes go very strange and move around on their own. So, we do what we can in the first session; we target all of the symptoms coming up until they either go or are reduced as much as we can. Lightwork philosophy explanations for the mad blinking given to me by healers and channellers say that it is a sign I am connecting . . . it turns out to be the opposite. A sign that there are things determined to prevent me from really connecting to block any really deep explorations of myself.

2. Equipment made to malfunction, phone call sabotaged

So, round comes the time for the second session and even before ringing Clive I have trouble saving the file with the information for this session. It wont even print out either which is completely crazy. Then when I do try and ring the home phone wont work to connect with Clive. So, I have to ring with my mobile which comes back as engaged (it was not). Then when I do get through we get cut off within a few minutes (which happens 3 times during the session) . . . . . .

Eventually we start, but again we don’t even get to any important lines before my eyes start blinking madly, they even close against my will, and keep on blinking like mad under the eyelids, and there is a feeling of something trying to make me run away from what we are doing. The blinking is totally distracting. We abandon the list and focus to clear whatever is causing the blinking – it gets better. We continue but then my vision goes blurry and I even get double vision at one point. We clear these too and then a tough entity appears which we target for processing and leave the teams to get rid of – but it will take 2 days to go which means we are blocked from any further work on these areas. We arrange to work again two days later.

3. Prevented from even reading the focusing protocol

As soon as we even talk about starting never mind actually doing any focusing my eyes start to blink; making it very difficult to read the focusing sheet. Then my eyes start closing. Then they are made to move around by themselves!! Taking my eyes completely off the sheet preventing me from reading it. How about that for a distraction? And we still have not actually targeted anything yet. So, Clive focused me on bringing out what was causing this; demanding that it reveal itself which this time it actually did. There was a very strong set of interlocking interferences which we got rid of completely. The blinking and all other eye symptoms immediately start to reduce and improve enough over 3-4 minutes that we can actually finish the focus list and clear some other small / medium strength things.

Something was making a huge effort to make things VERY difficult for us to work on these areas. It was really strange to experience those interferences so directly while actually reading the sheet. I found it quite incredible.


So, how did these sessions impact on my life?

  • With regards focus and attention? It took until the second session to really make a difference. Then I actually managed to work several hours at a stretch without stopping. A week later, I did better again; one night, I simply went to my Coaching exam notes, and I did an incredible amount of work in a few hours. Later, I found a way to do my worksheets even more efficiently and I ended up finishing all my assignments before many of my peers, when before I was way behind them!
  • With regards awareness and accessing? A few days later when experiencing a truly deep inner connection, my eyes didn’t flutter at all, something they would have been impossible a week ago. In fact not having the blinking allowed me to really feel what I was feeling and fully engage with what was happening; I wasn’t distracted from entering fully into it. An awesome feeling. I can now also get direct communication with my guides, something that has always eluded me and kept me frustrated for two and a half years while doing WSW.
  • With regards being sabotaged on my journey and work with others? I am no longer being stopped from doing my transforming jewelry. I completed my Coaching course and am now a recognised coach working to facilitate people through this medium. I am more determined than ever to regain all that I have lost of myself and live all that I am capable of.

In these sessions with Clive, it was the first time I actually felt something going on for myself. Before when doing other sessions things might happen but because I am not aware of anything happening to me it all seemed meaningless and of no consequence even though things then change in my life. Now I am aware, I can feel things happening, I am not blocked off anymore. The main thing is that my eyes which have been fluttering for 10 years, have stopped completely. It’s always impressive when you can suddenly stop doing something that has been going on for a long time. Especially when no other approaches I tried even detected that this effect was to debilitate me?

WSW relevant observations A: At this point in Mayas life, because she is becoming strongly empowered and directly aware that manipulated interferences can be responsible for peoples challenges and problems through her own experience of dealing with them then a huge and concerted effort is being made to block her continuing progress. Combinations of interferences are making it hugely difficult for her to explore herself further while also sabotaging her transforming jewelry and her training as a Life Coach to limit her opportunities to help others regain themselves and this awareness too. Lets be quite clear on this. Maya has had no trouble working with me by phone on her trauma issues which do not involve interferences, she has also had no problems writing detailed and informative examples on these areas too; I would have a multi page example sent to me within a few days of asking. However, it took 2 months for her to write this one and she found it incredibly difficult. The only way it got written was because I took very detailed notes during and after each session which she used as the basis for what you read here. When she sent me this example she wrote;

“This example is not very good, but I think this is the best I can do. It’s interesting to me that I have a really hard time writing about those focus sessions, I cannot really remember them. Even though these sessions are the first ones I actually connected with and really ‘felt’ something going on. Yet as soon as it’s over, the sessions content disappear into a fog. Very strange, when the sexual release for the other examples always left such a strong imprint in my memory. I really had to force myself to write even the little I wrote here. I only did it because of my promise to you. It just doesn’t flow . . . I don’t want to do it . . . I cannot get a clear picture of what happened . . . and so on. Maybe because it’s not ‘positive’ like the releases, but about manipulations done to us?”

Right on Maya. This is an illustration of how easy it is for manipulations to selectively act on ALL of us to bias our information. I have two other clients trying to write similar examples to do with distractions and revealing this level of interference and guess what? They too are having exactly the same problems writing them. Positive examples; along lightworker lines are easily written because they contain nothing of value in terms of what is really needed to free yourself, instead selective interferences actually make it easier for irrelevant information to be written, promoted and when read they also make the reader feel good and attracted to it too. I am not kidding. The rabbit hole is much deeper that you all thought. VERY much deeper.

WSW relevant observations B: Also take note of the effort made to prevent Maya from exploring herself too. To have some very strong and powerful manipulations applied to her energy field causing blinking and other effects to prevent her from exploring internally. And then the wonderful contradiction of the lightworkers misdirected ‘oh so positive’ explanation of the cause being due to her connecting to high energy. No, the interferences were being triggered by high energy to prevent her from working with it and finding out about what had really been done to her. But then how can the lightworker faction come up with balanced views when they are being made to be psychotically positive to stay lost and dis-empowered. I write none of this as a criticism, because lightworkers don’t have a choice. I do write this so that maybe some of you will be able to see past the illusions you are being fed and decide to hack deeper. If you are reading this and feeling I should not be presenting this, that I am sabotaging, that this is making you feel down, depressed, feeling negative. In all likely hood YOU ARE BEING MADE TO FEEL AND REACT LIKE THIS because it serves the purpose to keep you in your box. This is all very difficult is it not?

Keywords: lack of focus, sabotaged self exploration, no attention, distractions, no concentration, being made to be distracted