How living in Spiritual Bliss and Divine Ecstasy and having everything going for myself wasn’t quite enough and how getting involved with WSW turned out to be spiritually enlightening is quite a shocking way to find that this was being achieved by artificial means. That I was not living something real or authentic.

Manifesting the TRUE spiritual life; a soul mate, abundance and more

  • On the outer plane, I had manifested the perfect soul mate (we never had ANY conflicts about anything, what heaven!), plenty of money to do what I wanted, a lifestyle that was a dream come true (working as a very inspired artist but doing so only about half the year so I had plenty of free time for myself and for travelling), and for all that I could see, I had no problem any more in any area of my life . . . .
  • Whenever any issues appeared, they didn’t seem to be my personal issues any more, but rather problems created by issues that others had with me (for example, my ex-husband was still angry with me, but I was very forgiving and even accepting of his attitude. I simply saw him as giving me the occasion to be the living compassion I felt I was.
  • Of course, I was also loving myself deeply, was in radiant health and felt truly ageless.
  • On the inner-plane, I was in bliss practically all the time.

All my life and until three years before, I had been struggling in almost every way conceivable. Then within a two months period, during which I had decided to make changes to my desperate financial situation, everything had suddenly changed. I had been in awe at the speed with which my life was turning around in every way. I kept telling myself “I thought it would take me ten years to get here”, but it had happened in two months! But I wasn’t about to complain: I was simply ecstatic about my own ecstasy!

Living in intense creative, ecstatic and sacred spaces

So here are some of the ways in which I felt the bliss I was living in:

  • I would regularly go into a state of intense creativity and ecstasy, where for hours, I would have one amazing idea after another, all of which would feel incredibly right and appropriate. You could say it was a bit like smoking pot except that this was a completely “natural” high (I never even drank wine!), so I never “came down” the next day with any side effects. I would just be calmer until the next wave hit me. I loved those waves because they were so creative, felt so good and were so much fun! I would talk for hours to my partner and unveil all those ideas one by one…they seemed to be strung onto each other without any interruption: One idea would simply bring out a better one! And I just “knew” I would some day realise all those ideas. It was as if I was describing the future.
  • Also our love-making was blissfully spiritual and spiritually blissful in many ways: I would get into all sorts of trances or have ‘higher consciousness” experiences. Sometimes I would spontaneously burst into sacred soundings right after orgasm, and these songs were really incredible, I really don’t know where they came from! At other time, I would even stop breathing for a couple of minutes and enter a state of “Emptiness” that felt extremely sacred, and which I had read about in many books about higher states of meditation.
  • I had great recall of my dreams, but much better, I had an uncanny ability to interpret them in a way I felt was incredibly accurate. They fit in so perfectly with the going-ons of my daily life and brought me great insight.
  • Amazing synchronicities were a part of my daily life.

My various experiences felt to me that the ultimate experience a human can have, as they were earthy enough but reached all the way to my soul at the same time. Surely, I was more and more fully connected to my soul and to Spirit. Surely I was more and more becoming an embodiment of Spirit.

So I felt and saw my life as being a total success, inwardly and outwardly.

I’m in Spiritual Bliss states BUT where is my Multidimensional Awareness?

Only one tiny little aspect was puzzling me: I wanted “more”… But I didn’t know what that “more” was since I had everything I wanted! So this did not make any sense to me. Why did I want more since I could not think of anything else I wanted, inwardly or outwardly?

I wrote:

“My journey is not over. I cannot stop here. I want more! But more of what? And who is this “I” who wants more?”

The only thing I could think of which I didn’t have was the ability to communicate directly with my guides to be multidimensionally aware of them. I had tried, I had read books, I had done exercises, even gotten the help of psychics who gave me private lessons, but to no avail. I was told over and over that I simply needed to trust, that I already was fully connected to my guides, and that it wasn’t an issue at all.

Readings confirm that I’ve almost achieved enlightenment?

When I had separate readings with two prominent channels whose work I highly respected, I was also told by my guides speaking through them that I had practically reached enlightenment, that the only step I had left was to actually acknowledge and accept that I was ‘there’ and to simply enjoy my blissful life. There were no more questions to ask myself, just to enjoy fully this bliss I was living, and choose anything else I wanted to manifest for myself. (My soul mate was told that he was already enlightened and he just needed to be conscious of it (he was the embodiment of bliss, peace and love wrapped in a cloak of humbleness which proved the genuineness of his being)).

Since I didn’t really know how to get to this last step, I was advised to do a 33 day intense meditation program, of which all the details were carefully given to me, and promised that everything would become clear at the end of that self-retreat. Though meditation was never my thing, I fully immersed myself in this program. I fully believed in it, I fully trusted what I had been told, and I was going to follow all instructions given. And I did, intensely and with total commitment, even completing the last 10 days in total silence, solitude and fasting. During those 33 days, I was inspired to record my own sacred sounds and to make many drawings of my soul’s journey, and both of those were better than anything I had ever done until then.

Leaving behind spiritual teachers, letting go of spirit guides

However the 33 days went by, and nothing more happened. Nothing except the realization that may be, I was relying too much on my guides and that they had promised me something that they did not deliver. I was angry at first, I felt like I had been fooled. But guides will not fool you, right, not out of malice anyway, so there must obviously be something they were teaching me here? So I figured that they had put me through this test so I would start owning myself fully, instead of relying on them. This was may be the last step to this enlightenment I was so close to . . . .

So I stopped having readings and plunged myself into new artwork, searching for even deeper ways to express myself and my truth . . . . I felt my work was to bring out into the visible all that was invisible, and thus make available to others what they might not be able to see themselves. I wanted to share my knowing with others even more than I had ever done it before. That was definitely my call.

It was in the midst of this intense search for the deeper expression of the inner-me into the outer world, that one day I stumbled onto the WSW website. Ironically, I stumbled onto it on the very day I was debating whether to get another reading from my favourite channel, torn that I was between the need to be reassured that I was on the right path and the desire to not rely on them any more.

When the first page of the website opened in front of my eyes, I sat in stupor . . . . and I remained there without moving from my chair for nearly three hours. I didn’t know whether it was because something inside me was about to crumble or whether it was because a new expanse was opening in front of me . . . . I don’t know exactly what I read that shook me to the core, but something did. I felt that may be all that I had accomplished and believed until now was about to be put on the line . . . .

To be honest, I had no desire to work with someone. I had walked my personal journey without teachers and I was in the process of even doing without readings, so I wasn’t keen on having a teacher at all! But I was still wondering why these other dimensions, which I intuitively, knew existed, remained inaccessible for me except during trance states or ecstatic creative times which did not come to me at will? If I was so close to enlightenment, surely I should be able to freely access those worlds, whenever I chose to, or at the very least when in a sacred space?

I wrote to Clive about my personal plight, (” I have resolved everything except that I cannot access multidimensionally” and in no more than 3 e-mails, I came to the knowing that he would be a challenge to me like I had never been put in front of, and that plunging into the depths he was just giving me an inkling about was what I needed to do. I was, yes, scared, but I had no choice. He knew things I didn’t know, that I was sure of, and I wanted to know what he knew. Apparently, he could do what I was yearning to do while watching TV or driving his car! Which totally dumbfounded me. So I jumped off the cliff, knowing that possibly I might have to leave everything I knew behind in the process.

But I was ready NOW. A year before, I had lost all my belongings, my work, my workplace and my house. Everything except my soul mate. I had gone through this very easily. So I knew I was ready to lose more, if I had to.

A Spiritual Therapy auto balancing Device Revealed

Immediately after starting to work with Clive, he announced that “something wasn’t quite right with my data”, that it seemed like my history was a disparate mix of pieces that seemed to fit together but which, when looked at closer, didn’t quite fit and didn’t make sense.

Then soon after, he told me the weirdest thing I had ever heard: That somewhere in time, in an attempt to resolve the many issues that plagued me, I had chosen to have installed in my soul a “therapy device”, an artificial implant which acted as a back seat driver to my being. This device guided and steered my being in a direction of everything blissful by creating circumstances which I liked and also by steering me away from anything that could trigger any negative or painful reaction while also filling me with bliss feelings. Thus the reason why I felt my life was so perfect: I was never any more in front of anything that stood any chance of bothering me, and always in front of what was pleasing me! I was being played like a puppet.

I just could not believe what Clive was saying, for if he was right, then my life was some kind of artificial reality and it surely felt completely real to me! And I didn’t want to be unhappy again! But Clive explained that since this device was keeping me away from me being confronted by my issues, I would not be able to resolve any of them in any real way until it was taken out. And that if I wanted “more”, I needed to go through this.

After a few weeks of anxious debate, I gave permission for this bliss device to be removed, and got ready to face myself as I really was . . . .

Who AM I without this ‘Soul Support System’?

The first thing that happened is that I suddenly found myself at the wheel of my body-vehicle but without knowing how to drive. Since the device was acting as a back seat driver, I, myself, had relied on it without being aware of it. And so, without it, I couldn’t do anything any more . . . . if I wrote a letter, what I said didn’t make any sense. And at dinner time, I would stare at the open refrigerator and would have not a single idea of what to cook, when creativity was usually flowing . . . . For a few weeks, I was deeply lost.

Then one day, the past issues I thought I no longer had started to present themselves . . . . I had thought I had resolved my sexual problems? My problems with men dominating me? Well, when a man suddenly appeared in my life who was very attracted to me sexually and also very domineering . . . .

I freaked out and realised that I had no real power, no real strength to hold my own in front of him and no ability to make him respect me. So came the startling realisation that what I had thought had been miraculously resolved a few years before when my life had changed so drastically, was still there, all of it. And that this bliss device had been covering it all up in quite a seamless way . . . .

Thus started a couple of years of being in a continuous process of being FULLY presented with issues BUT always with the means to resolve these. Some of my experiences of this are on other pages here. It was a roller-coaster ride through my wounded psyche, travelling back through my past and facing one by one all the issues that crippled me . . . . . and all the strategies I used to deal with them, many of which were of course bliss-oriented or about avoiding the negative.

Today: Natural Happiness, Genuine feelings and an Authentic life

  • I no longer enter blissful periods.
  • I no longer disappear into “Emptiness” when I make love.
  • I no longer sing sacred sounds at the onset of orgasm.
  • I no longer have obvious interpretations of my dreams.
  • I no longer have ecstatic hours of wild creativity.
  • I no longer have amazing synchronicities.
  • My soul mate died a couple of years ago.

Sounds terrible, doesn’t it?

Well, let me tell you this: What I live today is 1000 times better than what I was living when I had all those things!

  • My life is real now: I can be face to face with all my issues of the past (all the ones I have resolved so far, I am not quite done yet), and none of them bother me because I have truly resolve them. I don’t need to be steered away from what might trigger them, as the bliss device was doing: They just aren’t issues anymore.
  • As a result of really resolving my issues which the device had covered up, I am 100 times stronger than before, more independent, more autonomous, more understanding of myself, of others and of the way the world works. I can also be soft and tender when the time calls for it, I have choice!
  • My happiness is real: I am no longer PUT into bliss any more, and thank goodness for that! Instead of going into the real high energy I used to go into, and of which I had no control, I am feeling happy, in a grounded way, in a choice way, in a very self-assured way. And I can also deal with the painful moments in a wholesome way.
  • My life is great: I still have money (actually more than before), I have a greater place to live than before, I have even more free time than before, and I do more things than I ever did, even during my blissy times.
  • I met my real soul mate, who is a fantastic challenge for me to grow with. We love each other deeply, but we are not afraid of having conflicts and of using them to deepen our relationship. It’s a very real relationship. Not that the other one wasn’t, but it was almost too easy and not challenging enough?
  • Instead of ecstatically dreaming about my future, it has actually arrived. I am living it more every day. In fact, I don’t even have to dream any more. My life is naturally happening.

No more artificial balancing keeping me in a spiritual illusion

Also, since the removal of the device, I have little by little been in touch with much deeper feelings which were buried so deep that I had absolutely no idea they were there: Not only have I been able to release lots of anger at being mistreated in the past, and this seemed normal enough, but I have also released huge amounts of wild rage and even desire for revenge. It really floored me to realize that I had those feelings inside of me when never once in my life I actually felt them before. They were so deeply buried that it took a couple of years of doing this work to get to them.

You could ask what is the use of working so hard to recover ugly feelings that are buried so deep that they never even surface?

The covers put over those feelings are the equivalent of wearing several heavy winter coats on a permanent basis. When those various covers are gone and the feelings underneath released, you have more energy to use for other things, you can move more freely and lightly and of course actually start to feel your own REAL feelings.

So the result of reclaiming, unblocking and releasing such feelings is one of greater empowerment and inner-strength, as well as more freedom and greater ease. And this in turn is definitely a factor in feeling and living a more natural happiness.

I am also constantly amazed at how I feel in my body: Not only is my health perfect, but at age 53, I feel like a 25 year-old. I don’t have any aches and pains like people my age, I haven’t put on weight with menopause or had any of the horrible symptoms all my older friends promised me, I feel vibrant and energetic. And the more buried feelings I release, the younger I seem to feel.

So I do know now the difference between an artificially created bliss which covered over a lot of pain, traumas and unresolved issues and a very real and natural happiness, unencumbered by layers of blanketing over feelings ‘forbidden’ to be had by a spiritual person.

My guess is that many people must have this artificial bliss I had (especially people in the “new age’ world, of which I was a very active member until I started working with WSW) but they don’t know it. It’s impossible to spot unless you’ve been through the removal yourself or you have incredible multidimensional abilities. But the difference between the two is only something you have to experience to really know what I am talking about.

So is anybody out there ready to take off their bliss device to find natural happiness?

Spiritual and channelled readers lying or merely totally unaware of subtle realm possibilities?

Comment; How is it that two prominent channels give readings stating that ‘enlightenment’ is this ” close when this clients spiritual state is being maintained artificially? Does this mean that those passing this information are lying or that they are perhaps unaware of the widespread use of artificial means used to induce fantasy spiritual lives and states? Either that or they do know that this is how spiritual states are being achieved but don’t think that there is anything wrong with this? Which is even more worrying? If we are supposed to be trying to become whom we truly are then why are devices being used to achieve what is said by many to be out natural state? One suggests that there is a very good possibility that we have all been fed the highest grade spiritual pig swill for a very long time. For those whom consider themselves ‘woken’ up, then perhaps it’s time to ask what exactly you have I been woken up to other than some equivalent of a spiritual wet dream. Perhaps it’s time to properly wake up, start looking at the contradictions and see how flawed your basic assumptions, beliefs and understandings actually are. If YOU reading this have been FORCED into a so called balance and spiritual state by some energy technology and maintained in this day in day out then how much of YOU, your presentation, your feelings, your dreams, your thinking . . . . YOUR LIFE . . . . is actually authentically YOU? . . . . . How much? . . . . . Would that be 60% YOU that you are living? . . . . . or perhaps it’s more likely 10%. Which would make you 90% the puppet of some machine and 10% authentic . . . . . 10% would be a good estimate of the REALITY of these types of fantasy solutions.

Spiritual Contradictions & Healing Assumptions

Deeper Perspectives; Some things for you to think about. Here is an assumption . . . . that the disappearance of the ‘symptoms’ of ANY issue does not, DOES NOT actually mean that what was RESPONSIBLE for those symptoms arising in the first place have actually been dealt with AT ALL. That the disappearance of symptoms CANNOT be used as a measure of success. That if means are used repeatedly lifetime after lifetime to address symptoms in ways that DONT resolve the ORIGINAL causes then the end result is that those practitioners whom most use particular approaches will no longer be able to resolve certain issues that THEY THEMSELVES have but THEY WILL be able to disappear symptoms in a client.

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