Healing Issues Topics & Categories

Life Issues, challenges, debilitations, limitations, life patterns, traumas . . .

This site is about presenting examples of resolving various life issues from clients and my own experiences. Below is a list of categories of different life issue topics. You can select to look at the pages giving examples for any particular category below by clicking on the appropriate Life Issue Topics listed in the menu on the right >>>>>

Accidents, Bad Luck, Misfortune

Different perspectives on the cause of things that we presume are just a part of life or lessons such as accidents, bad luck, carelessness, breakages, equipment failures and so on.

Relationship Attraction Challenges

The mating game; challenges to attracting, like, resonant and suitable partners. These give some new perspectives on the possible causes of challenges to attracting right, good and of course like others. If anything else is happening in your life then these examples will probably shock you as WSW often finds that these types of life patterns are caused by ‘Hidden Manipulations’ in which case the ‘lesson’ is to understand that these situations are being set up to keep you lost and your life debilitated.

Compulsions & Obsessions

Anything that tries to get you to react, respond or behave in a particular way either against what you want or that you have to stand strongly against to make a different choice. That often distract you from life, occupy or preoccupy you or require that you have to be permanently guarded to prevent yourself from following what the compulsion is directing whether it is mental, emotional, behavioural or a combination.

Concentration, Attention

This covers anything that erodes or debilitates mental concentration, focus, awareness or attention. That makes it hard for you to think, remember, keep a focus or that causes your mind to drift off or get distracted, be interrupted, side tracked, go blank or empty or unsettled.

Depreciated Unseen, Not Acknowledged

Do people at times ignore you, not notice or even not see you even if you are right in front of them waving a flag. Are you acknowledged or are you depreciated? Are you prevented from connecting with people? Do you go unrecognised for your presence, your skills or your contribution and so on. This issue category gives examples of dealing with these types of life presentation and what we have found as their causes.


Are you treated in any areas of your life with disrespect? By certain people or in certain situations; at work or in a relationship or under certain particular circumstances for example. These examples show some of what we have found contributing to these.

Emotional Loops, Reactions and Outbursts

These are about any repeated, chronic, compulsive or obsessive emotional response. WSW has found the following; ANY pattern of response which is automatic and not freely chosen is NOT NORMAL. ANY emotional reaction or response that continues for more than a short period is also NOT NORMAL. Basically any emotions that keep you preoccupied, are with you often whether (you label them good are bad) should be explored to find the original causes and to check if they are naturally yours, because the experience of WSW says that they are almost certainly not.

Envisioning Planning

Challenges to planning or envisioning to thinking about the future and or to put plans into action. Blocks or procrastination and so on to doing this.

Focus Distractions

Challenges relating to poor mental focus and distractions when you want to focus.

Guided Expansion

This is what I call a life entrainment; Your life is energetically organised to provide you with opportunities to step beyond limiting boundaries or to reclaim lost ground. To stand for yourself to regain confidence, self security, a voice, courage or inner strength for example.

Health General

Issues that have a direct effect on health.

Hidden Manipulations

Is something hidden deliberately causing your life difficulties? We have found that often the cause of some ones challenge or life limitation has been done deliberately by hidden manipulative others. From Clive’s own experience with clients and himself a conservative estimate is that a minimum of 90% of peoples issues are caused or made worse either directly or indirectly by these hidden influences.

Limited In Feeling, Unfeeling

Lost, reduced, blocked or switched off emotions or feelings either within yourself or toward others. Emotional none reactions, not engaging emotionally with others and so on. Examples; A) You may have lost someone close to you and shut down so that you no longer are able to feel sadness or grief or sorrow. B) You may be involved with a spiritual approach that teaches that certain emotions are acceptable and others are not. Those that are not may atrophy resulting in less emotional depth or in some cases may end up completely dead. Many paths for example denigrate anger or so called negative emotions.

Memory, Recall, Remembering Challenges

These cover memory and remembering challenges, anything stopping you from remembering anything from your past or particular information of incidents or that stop you from recalling information or recalling details correctly.


Anything which prompts or tries to prompt a negative reaction or response from you. Negative reactions and responses whether expressed or suppressed are for the most part caused by ‘Hidden Manipulations’ which are endemic within our energy bodies. WSW is the first approach that has broken through to identify these influencing our script bodies and hence us here it has also developed the tools to eradicate them once identified.

Paradigm Lock

Many beliefs (ideas, realisations, paradigms, models of life, philosophies) ‘lock’ people into approaching and dealing with what life presents them with in very particular and often limiting ways. Beliefs then are sometimes the main factor that keep our lives stuck, squashed into a small box while offering no or limited options to resolve these limits either – a vicious circle. At an extreme so called spiritual beliefs and deeper truths can be the limiting factor to a persons spiritual growth and personal awareness; again factors that prevent issues from being resolved.

Relationship issues and challenges

These cover anything that would constitute a challenge, issue, repeating pattern or limitation within any form of personal relationship; starting a relationship, being in a relationship, finishing a relationship, moving on from a relationship. Any problems what so ever in these areas should be explored.

Sabotaged Exploration

Sabotaged in self exploration. These illustrate how you can be being manipulated through a combination of circumstances, beliefs, naivety and good or bad vibes to make decisions that will be detrimental to your self exploration.

Senses Perceptions, Vision, Hearing

Anything that blocks, limits or filters the reception of perceptual and sensory information including sensing feelings, resonances and external energies, eyes, eyesight, vision – anything to do with seeing and hearing.

Sexuality, Intimacy

Everything to do with sexual issues; Sexual attraction, relationships, traumas, compulsions, no interest, disrespect, challenges, issues

Spiritual limited

There are many things labelled spiritual, and many of these command great respect. The depth that WSW works to has brought to light many limitations in even respected spiritual paths and approaches. Here we present examples where clients awareness, expression, life engagement and choice have been more than significantly limited by an involvement with some spiritual or awareness approach. By my definition at least anything spiritual should be about liberation and expansion unconditionally; it has then come as rather a shock to find that many result in life and awareness and functioning limitations? We present this category to shake peoples ideas and attitudes about what is really spiritual.

Trauma Releases

Releasing trapped, blocked or sealed emotions from strategies we used to survive or cope with a trauma or prolonged suppression or life pressure. Often to survive or cope with a difficult traumatic shock or phase we block feelings either from arising or from escaping. When you open these seals or blocks to these areas then you re-experience and release the original emotions from the original trauma which once felt and released go for good. You then regain your original feeling depth, range and expression.

Wasting Life

Things that make your life waste away, preoccupations, emotional and thinking loops and reactions.