Women were being made to be attracted to me and me to them but rather than this being like attracts like it was definitely unlike attracting unlike. I later found that this was something done to me by others with mall intent to try and get me involved and to keep me in disastrous relationships.

False relationship attractions to put me in relationship hell

I discovered what was causing this one day in a restaurant. When looking for a table to sit at I became aware that I was being internally directed to a certain table and actually a particular seat. It was very specific and I thought; OK, I will follow this and see what is going on. On the way to this table I noticed that I am being guided to sit where I will be placed directly in the line of sight of a woman sitting at another table about 3 meters away. Interesting! So once there, I sit down and settle myself. Over a few minutes I notice that this woman is giving me sideways glances, checking me out while at the same time I am becoming aware of an energy forming a bridge between us. This bridge seems to start from a position between us which then expands both ways to link the two of us. MMMmm I think? Something is setting up a connection between myself and this woman. I can feel myself being drawn to ‘engage’ with this woman – to make eye contact which I ignore (I will explain this later). The connection continues to build up and being empathic I can feel this woman being made to be drawn to me too by this energy. Anyway at a certain point I decide I have had enough of this game and focus to bring all that is causing this forward which turns out to be an entity and some technology it uses. It’s job; to attract decidedly unsuitable women to me, to get me involved in a relationship and generally try and make my life hell through this happening.

The chemistry of unlike attracting unlike

Thanks god (If one exists) for my empathic abilities. From the age of 15 I have been continually puzzled at the stream of girls / woman that would fall for me whom I would have no interest in having a relationship with (friends perhaps yes) as I am quite aware that their nature and or insecurities would in all probability drive me insane. This happened continuously from school, through university and then work.

I can remember at university working one afternoon in a laboratory practical with dozens of students all busy at their benches. Then suddenly I realise that the woman student working at the far end of my bench is falling for me. Strictly no eye contact – pretend that this person does not exist. Horrendous.

Relationship attractions that would bury me

Some of these woman were quite persistent and one when I started working tried everything she could to get me involved. I found out later that she had been ringing friends of mine (at 3 in the morning) telling them that she was going to commit suicide if I did not start a relationship with her. This was in fact exactly what I had felt was a very strong possibility – that I would be stuck in impossible and emotionally traumatising situations with them. I never succumbed to this attraction. Bit it was a constant puzzle why this should happen and a constant strain to avoid these attractions. They say that like attracts like – you must be joking!

Anyone else in this situation without an empathic ability to guide them would probably go with what reality is presenting them and almost certainly have a very hard time indeed as a result.

Feeling compelled to wait for the ex-partner after relationship finish

I have another example here which describes how when a relationship finished I would feel compelled to wait for my ex partner. While editing this example, I just realised that it was very strange why I spent so much time and effort in a relationship that was not really working; trying very hard beyond what was sensible to make it work. So, I started exploring and not unsurprisingly I found yet another batch of interferences whose job it was to support me to stay in these difficult relationships.

So, one set was designed to get me hooked up to unsuitable women, another set to make it very difficult for me to exit and in fact support me to keep trying and then a third collection that would be forcing me to wait for a mythical return. A perfect set up to make my life an emotionally whacked out disaster zone in relationship terms. For many years relationships whether I was in one, wanting one or being compelled to wait for the return of a finished one caused me a huge amount of emotional anguish. Not surprising really when you understand that something not of me was deliberately set up to cause this.

With every client so far with greater or lesser difficulties in their relationships was being caused either directly or indirectly by these types of manipulations.

Any additional comments? The entity and it’s ‘equipment’ responsible for this life long bizarre attraction battle took about 2 days to clear. I noticed this attraction pattern was present in all of my past and other lives during that clearing phase – merrily attracting woman all the time. This auto attraction was a phenomenon of many past and other lives because I dealt with an unbelievable number of entity attachments representing women whom were still waiting / hoping to start a relationship or ones that I had actually got involved with that I then broke from who were still waiting for me. I had hundreds of past attractions to break.

WSW relevant observations? This was something done with negative intent – to get me attracted to and stuck with relationships from hell. We are all told ALL THE TIME that we are responsible for our lives and what we attract. I worked for 23 years to that maxim; day in and day out to become progressively shocked to find that this is completely and utterly untrue. I would now say we are responsible for identifying what is causing our life challenges and resolving them but that we should not AUTOMATICALLY ASSUME that everything happening to us is caused by something we have done or our attitude. The sad fact is that 90% of clients issues are caused by something that they have no knowledge of, has been done without their permission and which has been done to them with the WORST possible intention. It would be a fair assumption to say that this % will apply to your own life too.

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