Are there times when you have uncaring or unsympathetic reactions to others? Do, these reactions preoccupy you, prey on your mind and your life? Has it ever occurred to you that these responses may not actually be your own? What if they are not?

Being made to be uncaring, unsympathetic or dismissive

Sometimes when a friend had problems or was experiencing difficult situations I could find myself internally feeling and thinking in an uncaring or unsympathetic way. OK, sometimes they were recurring situations that they often found themselves in and so I thought (as a master of change) that they should have learnt to deal with them differently. But, it felt as if my responses were too contrived or strong; they were just not right for some reason. They seemed to be out of proportion to what was bothering me and they also very definitely did not reflect my inner nature.

On investigation I found that these over reactions where being triggered by ‘things’ that were not of me. Yes I was at times irritated by my friends seemingly inability to respond to life and challenges differently but these ‘interferences’ were triggering by these slight reactions to amplify them while at the same time adding other reactions too. Obviously these reactions if expressed could have damaged relationships and friendships which seemed to be what the aim of these things was.

Once I cleared what was responsible for their cause then I could begin to separate out what was truly me and what I was being made to be. I suspect that these were acting on me for most of my life; a very disturbing thought.

WSW relevant observations? You will see from this and other similar examples that I dealt with rather a lot like this; actually much, much more than covered in the examples I give here. We take our thoughts, reactions, responses and emotions as being indelibly our own. It is worth being open to the possibility that this is not true.

Keywords: negative reactions, negative responses, negativity, emotional over reactions, uncaring, unsympathetic