Do you find it easy to find people to be good friends with? Are you finding people like yourself to become friends with? Is it easy to make these friendships work? Do you drift appart, do your feelings change to make you less receptive?

Attracting disrespectful people

I sometimes stroll through my local town centre and often end up lounging on a balcony walkway watching the crowds passing below. One day while standing there I was bemused and slightly startled to have a cheeky young lad of about 10 with his mates come over and in a reasonably good natured way ‘bother’ me. Wanted to know if I was foreign, then wanted to know if I wanted a packet of table salt! then asked for some money which I politely declined to go along with. This went on for a few minutes and ended up with the lad very deliberately patting me on my bald head as he walked off. The last bit was with a very strange energy; it could have been done in a way that said ‘nice talking to you’ but the undertones were ‘negative’ more demeaning. MMMmm I thought, that was strange, I will file that away . . .

Being sabotaged or blocked from making friends

From here I go to a cafe to have lunch. The owner is a very nice guy and although I have been feeling very reclusive; not wanting to start friendships during this phase, however as I can feel a strong resonance with him then today I decided to start up a conversation and open the lines for a friendship. When I approach the counter he sees me and is immediatly very welcoming and warm as he always is (as we are with each other) BUT then he sort of glances over my right shoulder – reacts in a subtle startled way, both to the point of getting a slightly surprised look on his face and also arching backwards slightly. It was very interesting to watch. His whole demure changed and essentially he withdrew, closed down. MMMmm, I have scanned behind me and there is no one there, which I can feel, so this incident is quite puzzling. Basically it seems to me that something ‘with me’ has just caused this reaction and the atmosphere is such that it is obviously not appropriate to start any conversation as I had originally intended. MMMmm, I think, I will file that away too . . .

Attracting the attention of unsuitable or not like people

So, I find a table and sit down. A short while later the cook who is gay comes out of the kitchen to chat to someone at another table but spends much of this time with his friend glancing at me in an interested / suggestive way with energies to match. I have gay friends and am not prejudiced but on seeing this guy before I just don’t like him / don’t resonate with him. MMMmm, just what is going on . . .

So, I start to investigate and very quickly find things with me determined to prevent friendships from establishing with people I am resonant with while being equally determined to attract to me others that are not of like resonance to me. My energy field is being altered to control my interactions determining whom I will attract and who I wont. I get rid of what is causing this.

Unlike attracting unlike and like being repelled as friends

I can recall this type of subtle situation occuring regularly during my life, and I just thought as we all do that it’s just life. But apparently it is not. Since dealing with this I have not experienced these types of situations again.

Spiritual fantasies about being responsible for what you attract?

Many approaches tell us that we are responsible for what we attract and therefore obviously what we repel too. These work to the gloriously naïve but on the surface quite logical assumption that it is something in us that we need to look at or change or clear or try harder or our attitude is wrong and so on. An assumption that I too held steadfastly to for 23 years, an assumption that dictated how I explored myself, an assumption that dictated the boundaries of my awareness, an assumption that has proved horrifying wrong 90% of the time. 90% of what has been causing my limiting challenges; in terms of my thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, behaviours, feelings, reactions has remained hidden by this assumption for 20+ years. This same sort of percentage is about average for clients too.

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