During my time working with Clive on particularly blocked areas we have had some fun and games when it comes to interferences trying concertedly to stop us doing this work by creating serious distractions in many different ways.

Your not allowed to EVEN Write about these Sabotages

Just take writing this? I promised Clive a long time ago that I would write this but I never seem to get around to actually doing it.

Well am now able to write it after having spent time the last few days removing a few interference things that were intent on stopping me doing this.

Like; it was made to just disappear from my mind, I get or am made distracted with other things to keep putting it off. So, I sorted these out and hey look I can do it now. Well done Goran.

Mind goes Blank and made to Forget Important things relating to Resolving Issues

Talking about mind we have had times when I instantly forget what we have talked about during a session. Things just make these sessions fade away and I just cannot bring them back. Sometimes I ring up on the wrong evening for the session; it can be that bad.

Another good one is when I realised that I was always getting very, very tired at 5 o’clock on the day just before I would be ringing to have a session and bizarrely my face would go bright red and be very hot at the same time too. It took one brief focus to sort out the things making me tired and two to finally track down the red faced madness; things beaming in energies from a distance – got them both licked now.

Phone Noises cause big Distractions

We also had one session where the telephone kept buzzing and clicking – it sounded like a wasp in Clive’s ear apparently (not like when having normal telephone problems). I even had someone come in to fix the phone when it stopped working to find that when they left the internet connection would then not work – taking days to sort out and messing up our session communications for a while.

In another Clive had “entity attacks” going on trying and stop him thinking about what we were in the middle of working on at that time; very strongly trying to stop this work with me.

Urge to Cut off in the middle of a Healing Phone Session

The best one was in the middle of a session I get a sudden urge to reach over and turn off the telephone, my hand was actually moving all on its own!

All these things (and I have probably forgotten a few) have all been done in an attempt to stop me from understanding something or doing some specific work on a particular issue. When we understand what is causing these distractions they have been fairly easy to identify and remove.

Being Prevented from Understanding Something

Take now? As I am writing this my computer has started playing up, it opens and closes Explorer windows all on it’s own. I will finish here and press the send button.

WSW Observations: Most of my clients have to put up with an assortment of concerted diversions and distractions. From making peoples minds go blank, befuddled memory things, blurry eyes to problems with phones, computers, printers and software. This is an illustration of how difficult it has been made when you actually REALLY orientate to engage with and to explore negative issues.

What are some of the Causes of these Distractions?

For more on these areas then read this series of articles on soul-healer.com which described the long term and consistent blocking and in fact attacks when someone dedicatedly wants to explore and engage with their issues particularly to find what is responsible for them;