Are there times when you react angrily and or become preoccupied in this reaction or react over strongly toward someone you are close to and care about? I was like this at times until I found what was causing this?

Getting angry, short tempered or antagonistic over reactions

At times I was aware of overreacting to something that happened with a friend, family member or someone else close to me. These reactions would often seem to be out of proportion to what was bothering me and my mind could get quite preoccupied becoming locked into negative thoughts which would loop around out of control. Sometimes this would be for a half hour or a half day sometimes longer than this. I also found these types of reactions odd because they seem to be contrary to what I feel is my nature. If these were reactions to someone that I had an altercation with whom I did not know well whom had greatly annoyed me then I might have overlooked them. However when they are happening toward people whom I am close to or that I care about then it is a different matter.

I have been dismayed to find rather a lot in my original souls energy body that is the cause of reactions such as these so each time I find myself in this type of negative auto response I search to see if there is something untoward responsible for the cause. In this case it turned out that yet again this had been done to my original soul form deliberately to cause problems to my relationships. Once identified and cleared then the emotions, the mental reactions, looping thoughts and preoccupations began to fade immediately and are gone within a few minutes. One minute I was lost in them and a few minutes later it is like they never happened.

What are YOUR feelings and thoughts and what are NOT?

WSW relevant observations? So, perhaps these are not just things that I have to try and force myself to stop, suppress or make positive. After dealing with quite a large and varied collection of these each triggering in response to a different set of circumstances and each presenting a different set of reactions, responses and feelings I now don’t have these types of responses happening any more. Yep, I still get pissed off, but this now only happens for a valid reason, it comes, I feel what I feel, I think what I think and then when I can choose to put it down then now strangely enough it gets to stay put down if that is what I want.

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