I’ve had all sorts of ear pain and infections most of my life

During my childhood years I had an endless row of middle ear infections  – and a few of them as an adult. This was always very painful and sometimes took a long time to get over.

When I grew up I began having different kinds of ear problems, including a permanent candida infection I have had in the Eustachian tubes for the last twenty years. This has caused me long periods with eczema, inflammation, sores and lots of other very unpleasant symptoms in, on and around my ears.

I didn’t want to hear certain things as a child

As a child I got used to ‘shut’ my ears due to extreme anger and false accusations aimed at me from a mentally ill relative, who was also always playing music so loud that it felt like torture.

Ever since then I have felt very defenceless and vulnerable to ‘noise’ attacks and even as an adult very loud music, noisy neighbours and noise in general can make me feel absolutely desperate. I feel threatened and ‘invaded’ by it and totally helpless and want to shut it out or have it stop. At the same time it has been very difficult for me to complain to my neighbours and state my boundaries when feeling overridden by others.

My ear and hearing symptoms have including the following . . . .

  • Unbearable pains in my childhood always accompanied by very high fever and other symptoms hard to cope with for a child.
  • Extreme itching causing sleepless nights, open sores, pain and despair.
  • Periods where I have smelled like a sewer from the ears due to stinking fungal pus (sorry if it sounds disgusting – it certainly is!) . . . imagine the impact on your social  (or even worse) your love life.
  • Shame and deep self disgust, when it has been really bad. Self condemnation for ‘that I must be doing something wrong’ – since I wasn’t able to get rid of this condition.
  • For me the candida infection caused serious blood sugar level imbalances which periodically led to extreme emotional reactions, hysteria, despair and lots of other unpleasant physical and psychological states.
  • Stress over this seemingly never ending condition.
  • Candida is supposed to be the cause of a lot of severe psychological problems too due too the constant production and release of toxins in the body; spanning from anxiety over to suicidal thoughts and in extreme cases leading to psychosis. I have been in touch with all of this, but for a complex combination of reasons. Candida could easily be one of them.
  • Besides from that my hearing ability has been going up and down for many years. Sometimes I have a real hard time hearing, and get afraid that I will be  loosing my hearing. But then it changes, and my hearing ability suddenly gets very good. At other times I have suffered from extreme over sensitivity to any kind of sound and noise.

I tried all sorts of treatments for ear infections

Doctors have treated my candida related symptoms on various occasions with different products and medicaments, but most of the time the infections would just come back very soon after the treatment ended. I had lots of antibiotics as a child; far more than is considered to be healthy.

Due to many unpleasant encounters with doctors who didn’t listen to or help me and all the medicine I had and hated to take in my childhood I am not too crazy about traditional medicine or it’s practitioners. Which have made me search for alternative solutions mostly for this recurring candida infection. But I must say it’s been a bit hard to keep being enthusiastic about ‘alternative treatments’ particularly when year after year spending tremendous amounts of money on consultations and products that in my case never worked.

I have met some both very skilled and serious practitioners, but no matter what they found out and no matter what I did I never achieved the promised healing of the ear problems and hearing challenges I wanted resolved.

Past efforts to help clear the ear problems

I have spent years determinedly working very hard and searching for ways to heal myself, which has lead to great frustration. I have done more than a lot to resolve the ear problems and the infection – some of it having consequences for other areas of my life. Including;

  • A variety of practitioners using a  broad spectrum of techniques and approaches: kinesiology, biopathy, iris diagnosis, clairvoyance, pendulums, healing and more
  • Many different kinds of ‘natural medicines’, minerals, vitamins, homoeopathic medicine, flower remedies, oils, tinctures, herbs, teas, powders, wonder-stuff from many foreign cultures – you name it
  • Many years all together on different ‘candida diets’; meaning avoiding sugar, bread, pasta, milk, cheese, potatoes, tomatoes, mushrooms, coffee, tea, alcohol and lots of other common foods and beverages
  • Several years with different approaches too food and nutrition, like  vegetarianism, vegan-ism, etc.
  • Deep cleansing cures of the organs and the colon over long periods of time, fasting
  • Having all my mercury amalgam tooth fillings removed (which I can highly recommend for a lot of (other) reasons) and attempts to cleanse my body tissues for heavy metals
  • Crystals, healing, therapy, visualisation, affirmations, prayers etc.
  • Different ‘balancing’/healing approaches like yoga, therapies, bodywork – and feng shui
  • Reading half a library of books on physiological, psychological and/or spiritual reasons for diseases – including exercises etc. Trying to find the causes of my problems instead of attempts to curing the symptoms only
  • Having to be so conscious about what I ate, that it – over time – becomes like having a compulsive eating disorder, getting used to perceiving common food products as ‘dangerous’.  Influence on my social life: Not being able to eat what others eat – or drink. Always having to tell the host/others that I can’t eat what they serve – or bring my own food, drops, pills etc – thus always creating ‘problematic attention’ around a pleasant gathering – OR always do the cooking myself. Problems when going to restaurants and cafés. Others getting fed up with having to hear about all your ‘cures’ and new explanations every time you believe to have found something new that works
  • And finally: Denial of the problem, trying to ignore and avoid it, giving up – since nothing ever helped anyway. Going to the other extreme and living very unhealthy. Strong feelings of guilt every time I gave up and just did all the ‘bad’ things. Until next round of hoping and trying

Ear pain and candida infection coincide with not wanting to hear another

Then I started working with a new and very different approach claiming to deal with the REAL causes of different problems. I hadn’t been considering working with my ear problems at all, since far more urgent issues craved my full attention. Until I’d been working with WSW for about 6 months and . . . .

I suddenly got an infection in one of my ears. This actually happened when I was in the middle of a conflict with someone who was telling me a lot of things I definitely didn’t want to hear. Things I felt were boundary breaching, accusing, unjust and wrong and which were making me feel afraid, insecure and on guard all the time.

The infection and swelling had me almost deaf

Very quickly, within few hours I developed an inflammation in my ear accompanied by excruciating pains. It got so painful and the pressure inside the ear so strong that I got really worried over whether my eardrum was about to burst. The pain spread via the nerves to the jaws, the teeth, the throat and all the way to the other ear too. I was desperately crying out of pain, I couldn’t sleep and had trouble even lying down since so many places were hurting. It was very late Friday night and I had absolutely no idea how and where to find a doctor if I had to (since I hardly ever see doctors and it was weekend). Knowing from experience that the longer you wait until you begin taking antibiotics, the longer it’ll last until the pain go away.

My ear swelled up in record time which  made such a strong pull that the entire outer ear was contracted and became slightly funnel shaped. Really bizarre! I couldn’t even get a cotton bud in there with something disinfecting on it. I was practically deaf in that ear for a couple of days. My poor ear had shut the world off completely.

The next morning I told Clive what was going on with my ear and I then got some focuses to work with that would address;

  • Clearing what I’d done in the past to NOT hear, listen or to cut out noise.
  • Things that might cause pain.
  • Things that might cause or maintain infections or stop me getting rid of them.
  • Clearing of what in the past might have been done to reduce or supposedly ‘heal’ pain but actually it seems just covers it up.

Most of these focuses were about clearing blocks and seals in the ears put up to protect me from hearing things that I couldn’t handle in the past. Both in past lives, since the focuses target anything of the same kind that has ever happened to you, and what has happened in this life, represented by the situation right now. On top of that Clive made an absent clearing for me to support opening these blocks because it was so bad.

The pain reduces and the deafness recedes

Within the next few hours the pain went from absolutely excruciating to ‘pretty bearable’ and two days later the infection was gone, the extreme pains had gone down to slight soreness, and the ear opened again. The third day all symptoms were practically gone. No antibiotics or any alternative medicine has EVER have made such strong pains or infection heal so fast, certainly not in my experience!

What I experienced here I feel was the REMOVAL of the first of probably many layers of blocks, barriers and filters that I’d put up to protect myself from having to listen to unbearable things throughout my entire existence. This old and deeply ingrained condition wont be completely healed already until ALL I clear ALL of these past solutions that relate to ALL past lives. Having worked with this approach for a while I DO expect the pain and the other symptoms to come again whenever the next layers of blocks are ready to be dealt with.

. . . . And when that happens I won’t have to either feel lost and hopeless  or be desperately trying new products, cures, medicine, diets or healing approaches. Instead I now have both the deeper understanding of the CAUSES of the problem AND the tools to REALLY clear what is causing this ready to use . . . . And, in time when I have worked my way though ALL the layers of  old blocks in my ears I am sure this condition WILL be healed for good, because this is my experience working on other issues with this approach so far.

Further unwanted confrontations activate ear problems

The pain and infection and ‘deafness’ came back the following week, but not nearly as bad as the first time. It happened simultaneously with the culmination of the week long conflict I had been in where I was once again trying to protect myself by shutting off from what I was being confronted with. This outer situation triggered a sudden physical ‘inflammation’ representing  the pains from the accumulation of past blocks and filters causing pressure. This time using the same tools as before to clear the the seals and filters the pain and infection almost instantly vanished – and I got my hearing back!

I now know I can deal with this by myself which gives me an extra benefit; a feeling of security and freedom from depending on others with regards this issue. I can now take action directly when I experience any ear symptoms and thus save myself unnecessarily spending time in either pain or any other unpleasant symptoms.

After all these years and all the many things I’ve tried and done to little or no avail I am now at last in the process of healing my ears and my hearing. Finally!