Strong thoughts and inner reactions were continually preoccupying me about becoming ill to such an extent that they were pulling me down and severely degrading the quality of various areas of my life.

Constant negative thoughts and worry about becoming unwell

For well over a month I had constant thoughts about not feeling well. Since I have practised other healing forms and studied many Eastern philosophies I knew that this thought process was a sure way of actually becoming sick.

I would also like to mention that I normally don’t become sick like other people, I don’t get colds, headaches etc.

Voices telling me I’d be sick eventually had me feeling sick

At first I did nothing but it was like having two voices in my head, one saying “You’re feeling bad and you’re going to be sick one way or another” and another one saying “Come on Goran you know this is not good for you”.

The thoughts about feeling sick was at one stage a constant barrage that kept popping up in my head every two minutes

Starting to actually be ill and feeling worse and worse

I was actually staring to come apart and feeling more and more tired and listless. My work was becoming affected and I would came home and go to bed as soon as possible, sleeping more than I normally do.

One day when the thoughts started coming even more frequently it suddenly occurred to me that this was an interference actually making me like this (duh!) so I asked my WSW teams and sure enough there were quite a few energetic things all MAKING ME THINK MYSELF INTO BECOMING ILL.

I cleared these and within an hour, no more thoughts about being or feeling ill!

The causes of psychosomatic illness?

So, the removal of these limiting things had an instant effect, no more “bad” thoughts and my general feeling of being tired or listless also went away. Any time I now start to feel down, in any way, I now check to see if something is making me feeling like this.

This worked very well!

Comments by Clive regarding this healing approach . . . .

Being made to have negative and preoccupying thoughts

As Goran says at the start of this example a whole raft of spiritual and awareness approaches make a big thing about how we should make an effort to be positive. This is fair enough but as this example illustrates it was not actually Goran here being negative, he was BEING MADE TO BE NEGATIVE and being made to have constant negative by what WSW calls ‘interferences’ acting on his original soul giving him these thoughts and responses. So, ignoring them or trying to push them to one side not only does not actually deal with them but causes additional stress because you are having to push against something that does not belong to you which is quite happily pushing back all of the time. Much of what is considered to be our own negativity is actually NOT ours at all. So far as a spread within all WSW clients about 90% of so called negativity; thoughts, feelings, responses, reactions and behaviour is caused by something doing this and is nothing to do with us at all.

Bias against thinking or acting outside of certain conceptual boundaries

Although Goran has worked with me for a long while and is in one sense intimately aware of the possibility that these types of things can be caused by ‘interferences’ and what they can do he still manages to struggle for over a month before it suddenly strikes him that it might be a good idea to see if this IS something acting on him. This is not an unusual occurrence for the following reasons;

  • We are conditioned to think that everything of us is OF US and so even when we know this might not be the case; conditioning grinds on.
  • There are many interferences focused on making sure that we never find out that there are interferences. It took me a while to figure this out; As the existence of these interferences is the best kept secret ever, and the reason we have never suspected is that actually lots of interferences are designed to make sure we don’t find out that this has been done to us. In other words all of these things have been done without our knowledge and deliberately so and to keep it that way we are subjected to a huge range of manipulations to prevent their discovery. Hence Goran spends a month 30 seconds away from a resolution if his mind were freely allowed to think in these terms. IT IS VERY SAD WHAT HAS BEEN DONE TO US.

Worried or preoccupied about getting cancer or some other disease

This sort of crap acting on us is not uncommon. Half of my clients hit a phase where they suddenly become worried thinking about whether they have or will get cancer or some other horrible disease. The looping and preoccupying thoughts keeping you locked into thinking like this are not nice. I know they are not nice because I’ve had looping thoughts myself regarding whether I might have cancer or not too. Like Goran it took me a while to actually check for some energy shit actually doing this too me, because it can become quite horrifying to become aware of how much you, YOU can actually be being violated by being FORCED to think or feel certain things which ARE NOT YOURSELF.

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