Are there times when you react negatively but in an uncharacteristic way toward others? (even those you are close to and care about). What could be the cause of these? Is this really you?

Sometimes someone’s behaviour or attitude would provoke a response in me that was either not characteristic of my nature, overly strong or that would often keep me strangely preoccupied. At various times I would find myself thinking or reacting in a way that was disrespectful, domineering or controlling toward others; that I was not happy about something they did, was thinking that they should have done something else or taken a different course of action and at times I was quite strongly tempted to tell them that they were wrong and direct them to do something else.

Each time these responses where confined to my thoughts and internal reactions, but I am sure that if the people that they were focused toward had been present then it would have been difficult to stop myself from expressing these thoughts and inner reactions to them directly. It also seemed to me that the depth of these responses was also disproportionate to what had prompted them. Often this would happen toward someone that I would care about or be close to as well. My mind could get quite preoccupied too and I would find myself becoming locked into negative thoughts that would loop around. Sometimes this would be for a half hour or a half day sometimes longer than this.

I explored what was causing these responses and their symptoms within my original soul form and found the cause. Another set of interferences whose aim was to disturb my life and my friendships and relationships. Once identified and cleared these symptoms started to fade immediately and disappeared completely within a few minutes. Since clearing these I have never had the same reactions / responses again.

WSW relevant observations? There is a very fine line between what is actually really you in baseline terms with regards your thoughts, feelings, attitudes, reactions, responses, behaviours and so on and what ‘something’ could be making you into? This example is particularly poignant as the very nature of what I do makes me very aware and sensitive to others challenges and their real causes. So, I don’t blame others for what they are being made to do. I do quite naturally at times get frustrated when someone that I am close to I have to watch being made to respond in a particular way that I know is not of them and which is keeping them unhappy or unaware or lost.

Keywords: negative thoughts, negativity, negative reactions, out of control reactions