Wanting to become a healer practitioner

I worked with Clive to resolve my own issues for a couple of years and was interested to work with others using his approach. Since my awakening experience I have been very drawn to help others, be a healer and share my knowledge with people. I had trained in / done Reiki and different types of Sound Healing before but nothing had even come close to resolving issues so concretely and effectively as the work I am doing with Clive so I was curious to see what effect it had on others but in the beginning most of the effects were on me . . . .

My first absent healing sessions met with huge resistance & pain

As a start I asked my mother and her new husband if I could do some healing on their behalf and that was fine with them. I was surprised that the first try turned out to be very difficult . . . .

It was actually painful and it took lots of determination way beyond what I needed when I did clearings for myself. I had pain in my whole body and especially my head and mouth area and the more I tried the more it hurt so I really felt prevented from doing my best and became frustrated from being subjected to this. I became so exhausted working on my mother so much that I had nothing left to work on her husband and I had to go bed earlier than planned. And as if that wasn’t enough . . . . I also had trouble sleeping during the night because I dreamed about and sensed the clearing of my mother so intensely . . . .

I sent a email to Clive and he gave me focuses to clear these areas. It took about 20-30 minutes to do these during which I felt pressure on my body and it was hard to concentrate . . . . so even trying to get rid of these was difficult. After I had recovered I tried doing some absent clearings again and found that some of the effects had disappeared . . . . I was much less exhausted and I no longer felt my ‘clients’ processing so intensely, it felt more at a distance and I could tune into it if I wanted to instead of it being ‘in my face’ all the time but the pain and pressure overall was not reduced very much from of its previous level. There was still something causing me pain and making it difficult for me to be able to do healing work with others properly or trying to put me off working as a healer completely . . . .

Bad experience doing healing on others?

In fact these first sessions for others made me scared since ‘the more I tried the more it hurt’ and I had ended up adjusting myself to only use about 20% of my usual effort so as to not activate the pain. When I did try to open up fully then the pain and pressures just amplified and I could never ‘win’ so the only solution seemed to be for me to keep a low profile and just use the minimum effort required to get something done.

To identify and clear what was causing this level of pain and resistance I had a session with Clive (which we only have when its really strong stuff that cannot be cleared independently). In this session it turned out to be many people from distant past lives that were intent on stopping me from doing healing work on others. One spiritual group in particular that I had once been part of but had then left was responsible for most of these attacks. It seemed that they wanted to stop me from doing any healing work that originated outside of their group, it was as if they considered healing work to belong to them and that only people whom were active members of their group were allowed to do healing. As a result of this session the pain reduced down to perhaps 5-8% of the original level . . . . these were much more manageable levels.

Reminders of past healing session difficulties

This happening reminded me of similar things from my earlier periods as a healer. I can remember often getting tired and also feeling new ‘bumps’ and ‘tensions’ in my energy field after doing healing work and in some phases I thought that I must somehow be taking on others negativity or blocks and clearing them in myself so I was surprised when one of the focuses I was sent was about feeling my clients processing too much because for me this felt very natural and like an ability of mine as part of being empathic . . . . but it turned out that it was not under my control and a pain in the butt as well so it was lucky I mentioned this because I remember that I almost didn’t because it felt so natural.

It was worse clearing Males / Men than females

When the pain disappeared or reduced to minor levels other effects became clearer and more noticeable such as;

It was much easier to do clearings on my mother but I had more resistance and problems when doing clearings on her husband?

Which had me puzzled and I was thinking that perhaps it was because of him, his souls history and so on but Clive told me to do a clearing on himself which felt as difficult as the clearing on my mothers husband which led us to the conclusion that for some reason I had things blocking me from working with men . . . . .

So, I worked to clearing these areas. To do this I would begin a focus to clear my mothers husband and then when the resistance, blocks and attacks started I would switch and work to clear what had activated to block me. This is what needs to be done to clear certain types of energetic crap that only activates when you are doing something specific. In the beginning, I’d hardly get started before I had to change focuses and do clearings for myself because the disturbances was so obvious and debilitating . . . . it took 2 weeks using this approach every 2-3 days to clear all that was acting against me in this way.

The things acting against me in these ways seemed to be mostly people from the same group that caused the painful resistance but now they were specifically trying to stop me from doing what I had the strongest interest or desire to do; basically they were sabotaging me from doing what I most wanted to do. On exploring this, it turned out that in some phase in my past I had chosen to only work with men. I remember having times of feeling drawn to helping men. It felt like this was one of my biggest passions in a distant life or lives.

Adverts to attract clients caused attacks and sabotages?

After this to attract some REAL clients I put adverts on some internet offering healing services which resulted in;

  • The adverts attracted posted comments and e-mails of people making fun of me and others that were EVEN making threats against me.
  • I reacted VERY strongly to these comments. They put me into panic, fear, insecurity. I also felt strongly drawn to write back to explain or to give them some shit in return.
  • I experienced distractions and blocks to my communications. A woman wrote me a serious mail asking about a session but e-mail replies came back with a message saying that her email did not exist. This was annoying and I tried 3-4 times to send e-mails to to her but they all came back so I never made contact.

Instead Clive gave me 5-6 clearing focuses to work with that targeted areas around;

  • Problems attracting clients
  • Being attacked or persecuted when working as a healer
  • Being attacked or persecuted when talking about or showing an interest in healing or spiritual topics
  • Sabotages to communications

I worked with these every few days for 3-4 weeks before these things types of attacks stopped happening and my reactions reduced to perhaps 15-20% compared to when they started.

Attacks sabotaging or oppressing my healing or spiritual efforts to help others

These types of attacks I have regularly experienced in this life. In fact it feels like the story of my life to be oppressed, attacked or persecuted for being a healer or being interested in multidimensional or spiritual things.

I have experienced this from people close to me as well as distant friends, co-workers and even other healers. This at times had made me very sad, despondent and frustrated to such an extent that I have had to stop speaking about these things (what I am MOST interested in) in many phases. It seemed that every time I would feel secure or brave enough to speak about my passions, interests or experiences then this always attracted many reactions against me.

As this example describes my experiences of being blocked, attacked and sabotaged from even starting to become a healing and helping others then I wonder how many more healers or want-to-be healers are being sabotaged or attacked or otherwise put off, in all sorts of ways . . . . . how much of this is going on?

How many people are getting reduced numbers of clients or no clients at all because of sabotages?

I know for me that I never thought in these ways. That there might be such negative causes for these . . . probably like many of you I was into the thinking that there is a divine plan and thinking along the lines that;

  • All challenges are something that I should learn from and become better or stronger for being in them or . . .
  • I would take them it as a sign that its not the right path for me . . . that I should go with the flow and discontinue . . .

It never struck me that anything would be deliberately sabotaging me from being a healer or blocking me from trying to connect and engage with others doing the same. All the ‘focuses’ I did were about clearing things DELIBERATELY acting against me AND there were huge numbers of both beings AND subtle energy things doing this.

How many of us even contemplate that we might be being actively sabotaged? I didn’t . . . perhaps it’s time we did . . . . and if you reading this are a healer . . . perhaps it’s time you did?

Comment from Clive; I asked Samuel part way through the above phase “How long would you persist in trying to help others as a healer with all of this crap acting on you?” . . . his answer was “Probably about 2 weeks before giving up”. So, although Samuels case is extreme, so far there is not one client free of the same stuff. As all of this was from past lives and our ‘light’ strategies have us forcibly aligned to the ‘positive’ rather than the ‘realistic’ then often we don’t even explore if things are DETERMINEDLY acting to sabotage ‘divine or light or spiritual’ work?

What is Contributing to Prevent People being Healers or Therapists?

Since writing this we have become more aware of the full range of many different angles that are contributing to people being sabotaged or blocked as healers or therapists.

For a page giving a more comprehensive list of ALL the different sabotages we have noticed then read this page HERE. For a page that describes ‘some’ of what is responsible for this then read this page HERE.

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