I was constantly and without the ability to stop being made to judge others around me. This disturbed me very much and over time caused me to keep to myself so as not to trigger these negative thoughts. This was the only way to avoid being disturbed and upset by this happening to such and extent that I was almost becoming a recluse. I was being stopped from making new friends and contacts.

Being judgemental, always fault finding or compulsively disliking

A year or two ago I noticed that I was instantly making judgements on every new person I met. This could be on the street or in any other circumstance.

I would instantly dislike something about someone I saw, I did not even have to talk or interact with this person I met, this could happen if I saw someone while walking down a street. Each time I would instantly find a fault; ugly shoes, fat, slob, funny nose, daft, foreigner etc.

The peculiar thing was that it happened the instant I saw a person, I did not even have time to really think about them at all (and I did not really have a reason to think about them, why should I as I was just walking past them on the street?!).

Trying to stop myself from negatively judging people & criticising others

At first this irritated me and made me wonder what was wrong with myself. I tried to stop the judging as soon as it started but that did not really work, I would met another person and the process would start again.

Another way of trying to cope with this was to make myself more isolated and not have to interact with others. Funny thing was that since I had held many sales positions this behaviour was very out of character.

Yes, a good sales person can asses a person quickly but it certainly would not be conductive to creating sales to negatively judge people.

I have always found it easy to interact with others, when I have had to, and since I have not had this sort of behaviour or way of thinking before then after a couple of months I started to consider if this was some sort of manipulation intent on stopping me from meeting and interacting with new people.

Being kept isolated and distant from people

Sure enough when I investigated this myself I found a whole lot of things that had been done to make sure I was kept “isolated” and within certain “approved of” boundaries. So, I worked on these and removed them all in a few sessions on my own and then everything was fine for many months. No more judging but by this time I was entrenched and happy to be alone.

Then a few weeks ago I had to go to the Ukraine on business and had an instant relapse. Something about going to the Ukraine obviously triggered some new things to cause the same process of instant judging of people. I spent two days in Kiev not speaking to a soul!.

Healing session to address these issues

I now knew that this was an outside hidden negative interference so I had a session with Clive and we removed a few new things. A week later when I was back in the Ukraine there was still residues of the judgement part. We did some more work on that and the final time I went to the Ukraine I had no problems. No more judgement and no instant dislikes. I also do not seem to have any more problems like this while being back home either.

Keywords: negative thoughts, negative reactions, reactive thoughts, manipulations, interferences, judging others, being made disturbed