Have you ever experienced a time when people just don’t see you. That no matter what you do you are ignored, seemingly invisible your presence is not acknowledged almost like you don’t exist.

I am Repeatedly ignored and I am not acknowledged in interactions with people

While staying with a friend we both went off walking through their local village. It was a great day, the sun was out and it was actually quite hot. This was the first day like this after winter.

So, there were people out for walks passing through the village and at times they would start up a conversation with my friend. I would try and join in and this was the interesting thing, although this happened about three separate times and once even while sitting beside a couple at a table cafe, no matter what I said; no one acknowledged my presence.

I am invisible, I’m not seen, people don’t speak to me, I feel as if I don’t exist

It was absolutely amazing. I even walked around and stood directly in front of one couple to say something and still I was invisible. My friend was quite stunned, she could not believe what she was seeing either. Not one person even looked at me, not one directed a comment at me, not one replied to me when I spoke. I might as well have not existed.

You could say that these people were being impolite or ignorant.

In spiritual terms I would be common to be told that you either have to find what inside of you is RESPONSIBLE for causing this or in most cases you must ‘let it go’, to not allow it to effect you.

For many years I had been becoming progressively appalled at the ‘let it go’ approach; which is basically a sophisticated way to avoid looking for a cause, a way to adjust yourself until something does not bother you while you still have people ignoring or not acknowledging your presence?

Perhaps rather than say ‘let it go’ perhaps you should be saying ‘perhaps something is ACTUALLY causing these effects?’

Cause and effect is not applied to life challenges?

The cause? I a healing session I found subtle energy based interferences acting to prevent people from engaging with me, from listening to me or acknowledge me. Over the next few weeks I targetted and cleared lots of combinations of these. It turned out that there were rather a lot all aimed at keeping me isolated and secluded.

I have to make it clear that the previous week it was not like this, BUT while in this ‘I’m invisible’ phase that’s how it was I remembered the same happening in other distinct phases of my life too.

As there are no concepts or understandings that ‘SOMETHING DISTINCT BUT ‘INVISIBLE” may be acting upon you that could be responsible for causing these types of situations then most people don’t seriously think in these terms.

In fact it’s quite disturbing to think in these terms? Because where do you draw the line?

For you reading this now? How easy is it for you to even just consider the possibility that something hidden and unseen could be acting on you and be responsible for these or OTHER situations happening in your life. Sounds crazy, yes. I could not agree with you more. Sounds crazy.

On the other hand we have concepts such as cause and effect in common and accepted use if not RAMMED into our consciousness. No effect without a CAUSE. It seems that perhaps we are happy to think in cause and effect terms for just about everything EXCEPT for negative personal or life issues.

Just because your brainwashed by science that subtle energy stuff is nonsense then it must be true? Mustn’t it? On the other hand my clients are steadily disappearing these types of ‘weird’ debilitating life issues by getting rid of invisible subtle energy ‘things’ which bizarrely turn out to be what was CAUSING them. Getting rid of the subtle energy CAUSES strangely enough results in the EFFECTS that these were having on my clients no longer happening.

Getting rid of them is perhaps rather a better strategy than of continuously backing into a smaller and smaller ‘let it go’ hole that has you adapting and adjusting and in effect shutting down your responses while people STILL ignore, don’t acknowledge or treat you as invisible in particular situations or phases of your life?

Causes . . . . people not acknowledging you, ignoring you treating you as invisible, irrelevant, people not answering you . . . .

Effect . . . . . that’s fine I’ll shut myself down, I’ll disassociate, desensitise myself to life until these things happening no longer bother me . . . .

Causes . . . . people not acknowledging you, ignoring you, treating you as invisible . . . . STILL HAPPENING . . . . .

The invisible and unseen ‘none’ Clients

I’m adding this line here in early January 2011 because, as you can see there are quite a few comments on this topic while strangely only one person with this issue actually worked with myself (or someone whom I ‘facilitate’ to help others) to address this. People made to be ‘invisible’ by ‘invisible’ causes are perhaps being made to stay that way so that they are made to remain invisible.

Do you want this resolved?

If you REALLY do then read this page HERE.

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