Having extreme and compulsive cravings for a variety of things; money, jobs, men, cars, clothes, spending, shopping and so on which were often triggered by being hurt and feeling sad or frustrated. These cravings were preoccupying me most of the time and taking my attention away from things that should have been getting a priority. They were also preventing me from giving proper attention to my friendships and relationships.

Compulsive desires and cravings for men, cars, cloths, shopping

I would have phases where I would have extreme cravings triggered by any situation in my life that made me sad or frustrated. Whenever someone hurt my feelings, I would get a craving for something to make me feel better.

These would rule my life so much that I would forget about everything else. They preoccupied me so much that they would not allow me to see beyond what I was currently compulsive about. This situation gave me no space in my life to have the time or awareness to see beyond what had my attention in that moment.

Buying what I don’t need in sales, on offer or things in thrift stores

For example stopping to get cake after work everyday; sometimes two pieces if I was especially frustrated and if I had a few dollars.

I would also be drawn to buy things at yard sales, thrift stores and expensive stores to often find later that I would not use what I had felt so compelled to buy.

My house is full of different things I don’t need such as angels, furniture, candle holders, (I counted 15 different candles in the living area). I also have 4 closets of clothes some that I can’t wear but don’t want to give away.

Compulsive spending on things to make me feel good

These compulsions to want something to make me feel good could get so extreme that I could be looking to find a new boyfriend or call on an old one if the satisfaction I was getting from the cakes or buying things was not enough. I would absolutely have to have something to satisfy the craving even eventually turning to intoxicants or anything else that would suffice to make me feel better quickly.

These stronger cravings could happen up to 2 or 3 times in a week. Sometimes I could be craving something all the time for a whole week.

I would envy and want things that others had from the age of 9

I first remember myself like this at around the age of nine. I would see the other kids with a new bike, new shoes, and I would stare because I did not have what they had. I think it was around the age of 10-12 that I started to really want and around 13 when the full compulsion set in.

I would go from one craving to another and would have so much attention focused on what I wanted that I never got to really take notice of what I had myself that was good; like a new dress. I did not appreciate what I had.

As a result I would envy others, spend all my money quickly, or when I was older give all I had to a relationship to try to make it into what I craved it to be.

Exploring and resolving craving issues

During the time that we started exploring these craving issues I gradually felt something restricting me around my solar plexus area but no matter what I did I could not get rid of it. During the next phone session with Clive focusing on these issues the solar plexus feeling heightened so I mentioned this. Clive then removed whatever it was wrapped around my solar plexus (I could feel it go) and all was quiet for the rest of the day at work until I started the drive home. During the drive the cravings were getting worse, so as soon as I arrived home I worked on clearing what was causing them. So, using the WSW techniques I targeted every type of craving I remembered experiencing; money, jobs, men, cars, clothes, shopping, food, cakes, etc, etc. The release of these was dramatic, if I had not been alone I am sure someone would have called emergency. I was contorted for at least 5 minutes with my back arched high in the air while I gasped for breath and shouted (I tried doing the same afterwards but it was impossible). Finally my solar plexus just gushed like a boil would when pricked by a pin.

The very next day after the clearing there were immediate changes; for the first time I could resist and say “I’m not doing that” and actually be able to.

Being self absorbed and preoccupied

I notice that I am not so self absorbed and I actually have the time to think other thoughts and look at things differently than in the past. I went through a series of epiphanies which allowed me to see that the craving feeling was a problem and it had been in my life in one form or another for a very long time. Funny I never saw it before. So it is now easier for me to see the overall functioning and patterns of my life.

Looking back 3 months after doing this session, I can say that my cravings have reduced a great deal, but that they are not gone entirely. I feel that I am a lot more in control or aware of the pitfalls I have had for them. I still go to sales although I have cut down on purchasing things I don’t need. I have more ‘space’ to think and stop myself at times. I also actually for the first time gave away some clothes. I don’t crave attention and I don’t get a compulsion to be with a man as I did. This weekend in fact I enjoyed being by myself and cleaned my house for me rather than because I was having company.

Any additional comments? Basically there were lots of interferences hidden within her solar plexus area behind a very strong energy seal making Shirley crave various things. The more we explored these craving issues and the more determinedly we opened Shirley’s original soul energies to do this then the harder this seal was having to work to keep these hidden. A losing battle with WholeSoulWork as the more something resists the more obvious it becomes. Taking the seal away left all that was responsible for triggering and maintaining Shirley’s cravings exposed and vulnerable. It was also appropriate for Shirley to activate this release herself as this builds up trust in the process and confidence in her own abilities.
With the WholeSoulWork approach we often leave an issue area to settle to see how it changes; time is always a factor we have to work with. We are now starting to explore what other factors could be responsible whether interferences or perhaps conditional responses to clear what is left. It seems that what we dealt with here was responsible for compulsive cravings in a general sense. Now that this has gone we can take the opportunity to see which areas are better and which are not and work to identify and clear these deeper causes. This example will be updated as these areas are revealed and resolved too. A few months after this Shirley wrote; “It seems that perhaps the root of all of this is sadness and frustration as you mentioned. All that I wrote here doesn’t fit any more – I don’t understand why it all seems so foreign to me, I know I wrote it but it doesn’t quite seem to be the case now that I am on the other side. I can’t seem to pinpoint why? It is almost like it is not the truth. Could it be because the compulsion was just a symptom?

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