Do you find that no matter how good your relationship circumstances is, you are still VERY strongly attracted to members of the opposite sex maybe even compulsively. Have you accepted this as just ‘how you are’ and that you have no control over it?

Do you Experience Compulsive Sexual Attractions?

Some people it seems are just naturally over sexed or over attracted to others? They are attracted to others just about all the time and they just have to accept that this is a normal part of who they are? But is it?

Are you Experiencing Sexual Temptations, Is this Stressing a good relationship?

I met one guy like this; he was always, always very strongly attracted to women all the time. Although he was married and happy with his partner this auto attraction never stopped. He complained that it was very difficult to not go with the temptation which he did not want to. It was a constant and daily strain on his life, requiring a conscious effort of will power and integrity to hold himself to what he chose.

No longer strongly attracting women

While working with him, it did not take very long to identify what was causing this in healing terms and got rid of it for him. When we next met, yep he was still attracted to women, but the desperate intensity/overwhealm had gone, he could enjoy the view without feeling like he had to become part of it.

What is just life and what is something else? How do you tell?

Dealing with what was causing this took about 10 minutes. Most of which was spent chatting to his original subtle, soul form explaining to it what I wanted to do to get its permission and this was something that caused him stress regularly. What in your life is putting you under pressure? How many things are effecting your life that you have to push against or ignore just to hold to what you want or your values or your ideals or your balance? From my own and clients experiences many of these impulses are not naturally part of us but are being forced upon us deliberately. It is quite shocking to realise that compulsions like this may not actually be part of you, but be something making you like this. How many have a relationship ruined or trust damaged because of these types of DELIBERATELY CAUSED life temptations?

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