The time I was taken by an extreme compulsion to continually look at violent and degrading pornography even though I have no interest in such things.

One day, out of the blue, I just get this compulsion to look at violent pornography, which then just popped up everywhere to keep me locked into viewing it. It is not like I enjoy looking at pornography in the first place either, I actually find it rather boring. For two days I had a compulsion that I can only say made me look at these things (lacking better words). I actually got no enjoyment in doing this nor was there a feeling of needing to do this within myself, it is hard to describe but it was just something I felt completely compelled to do for no reason that I could understand. So, I just looked at this I stuff until it suddenly hit me that maybe this was actually something that I was being made to do and not anything within me making this choice. Getting a little better; at least it just took two days and not a month like the time I was being made to feel ill before I decided to check. Well done Goran.

So, I did check and right enough there was a few of those interference things all working away making me like this. I identified them myself and got the teams to remove them and that was that – gone – just like switching off a light bulb. One minute completely lost in this craziness and the next; its all gone.

Any additional comments? I had another set that worked in the same way about 3 weeks later but this was very quickly nipped in the bud since I knew from experience what was happening and also what to look for so they were dispatched extra promptly.

WSW observations; I have know Goran for a few years as a client and friend. He is a gentle, cultured guy with great values and so I can confirm what he says himself that doing this is completely at odds with his nature – more like off the planet. In some ways this is one of the frightening things about this type of manipulation. They can influence your life dramatically in ways that are completely opposed to your values and character and they can do this quite quickly and seamlessly. For those of a less robust mentality or unstable nature this could destroy or shatter their life.

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