Very occasionally; say every 3-4 months I would have half a day or so of feeling very nauseous. I just took this as ‘life’ and would rest until this passed. Then I found what was causing this?

Suddenly Feeling Nauseous and Almost Wanting to Vomit at Times

I would have times in my life when I would suddenly feel very, very nauseous. I would feel as if I was on the edge of being sick, needing to vomit. For me there was no explanation for this, I could not relate feeling like this to any food that I had eaten or to anything in fact that I had ingested.

It would happen very quickly, almost like it was being switched on; one minute I would be feeling fine while the next I would be feeling quite ill.

This would happen say every 3-4 months and I would normally feel like this for a half day say for 5-8 hours.

Doing Anything Other Than Resting When Feeling Sick Just Made me Feel Worse

While like this if I tried to be active; make a cup of tea, read a book, talk to someone then I would feel even worse. As long as I just sat or lay down and did not move much, basically keeping to myself then the symptoms would be manageable. I can remember this happening to me in my early to mid 20’s; I cannot remember exactly and it kept returning until the present time except for when I was in Brazil. About 15 years in all.

When I am hit by this it stops me from engaging with life, I cannot keep appointments, meet people, go to work or cook for example while in this state. I can do something for about 5 minutes and then it would start to feel really bad again.

Making me Feel Ill & Sick to keep me Isolated & Disengaged from Life & Friends

I worked on trying to find if there were subtle energetic causes responsible for the nausea symptoms as soon as I thought of this as a possibility maybe a half hour after I was hit by this nausea, I scanned for and immediately found ‘contributing’ subtle energetic crap which on clearing actually caused the symptoms to begin disappearing immediately. In fact, within 5 minutes my nausea symptoms were gone completely.

Again as with other examples I’m putting up here this ‘nausea attack’ was something that I had automatically taken just as part of my ‘life’ or as something to do with me (like eating something bad) which turned out to not be true; it was something being done to me through the use of subtle energetic ‘crap’ that was intent on keeping me isolated by stopping me from engaging with people at particular times.

Since clearing what was responsible I’ve not had this ‘nausea’ attack happen ever again despite that in the past I had it regularly.

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