Being impelled or compelled to automatically (with out being conscious of doing this) step off the side walk into dangerous traffic, almost being run over and nearly causing an accident.

Nearly getting run over, causing a car accident.

During my first weeks of working with WholeSoulWork and Clive I found myself walking out into a busy street without looking and was very close to being hit by cars.

This incident reminded me that I did something similar just a few weeks previously. I remember I stopped by the red ‘Don’t Walk’ sign and waited for the sign to turn green but at some point my body just walks straight out into the street so that a car had to break hard to not run me over. I then got confused and ashamed at this situation. I did not think much about it, I just blamed myself and was ashamed of how strange I seem to behave sometimes.

Impulsively crossing the road without looking

This time I was just walking down the street and all of a sudden I get the idea or impulse to cross the street and without THINKING about it I immediately step off the pavement to have a car breaking hard and swerving to avoid running me over. So, this time with more understanding of the possibilities of things interfering with us I got more suspicious and remembering different examples by other clients I had read here so I decided to write to Clive to see what he thought about it . . . . .

It turns out that he had experienced the same; that he too had times when he had to be very careful and stop himself from automatically crossing the road without looking.

He told me that in my case I had an entity that was intent on making me have an accident and that I could try and deal with it myself. I found doing this hard, I could feel it’s resistance but eventually I felt I had got it cleared but it turned out that it had fooled me and Clive took me through getting rid of it in the next phone session.

Since doing this clearing I have not had this problem since (over a year ago now).

Sometimes dealing with such things can be tricky?

When I tried dealing with this entity myself, I remember that I struggled very hard with it, I was trying to pull it forward and it gave much resistance so that every muscle in my body got tense and after some time I felt exhausted and had to have a break and then I try again later. In the next attempt at one point I felt that the entities resistance weakened and I asked the teams with my internal communication if I had got him forward and got a YES answer from them. So that was that . . . . finished and I was proud to been able to deal with it myself . . . . . or so I thought until about 2 weeks later when I had a phone session with Clive and he asked how I had dealt with the ‘run me over’ entity and after some explanations from me he told me that it was still active and hanging around. So it turned out that the entity must have hijacked my communication and gave me the ‘right’ answers for me to leave him alone.

Coping by not thinking about difficult life situations or weird incidents

WSW Comment (Clive); When you find yourself doing something ‘crazy’ or that you cannot explain except ‘as life’ then our coping and adapting strategies often automatically stop us thinking about these types of incidents. You brush them off, you make an effort to take more care when in similar circumstances, you put yourself on guard. I had the same thing happening except I had set up counter measures to make me VERY cautious around traffic. And of course the last thing you would think about is that something outside of the experience or even understanding of science say could ACTUALLY be making this happen? That’s really crazy isn’t it that some ‘shit’ things could be responsible for making people walk out into the road under a car? Or perhaps the REALLY crazy thing is ALL the assumptions and beliefs that people hold to that actually prevent them from even considering this as a possibility. After all it’s probably much more comfortable to be run over by a car than it is to confront your assumptions? Or is IT?

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