How often do you experience having some sort of accident, cutting yourself with a knife, missing with the hammer or even worse? Just bad luck? Or something else?

Accident prone or bad luck to keep getting injured?

I met the brother of a friend of mine and while we were all chatting my friend asked his brother how his injury was from his work accident. They ended up talking about a few separate injuries that his brother had sustained. When I asked how often these happened I was shocked to be told that he would gouge, cut, wound himself or worse 2-3 times EVERYDAY. He had even been hospitalised 2-3 times for serious accidents and had lost at least a week off work with these. He installed kitchens, windows, he built house extensions and so on. Obviously he did lots of practical work.

Accidents and injuries at work all the time

When I told him that this was not right, he quite casually but strongly insisted that it was just a normal outcome of this type of work. We argued along these lines for about 20 minutes during which time I identified the offending ‘interference / manipulation’. In the end I just said to him “Look there is something causing these things to happen to you, I have spotted it, I can get rid of it in about 30 seconds, you don’t need to do anything. So; do you want to keep it or do you want to get rid of it?”. He decided to let me get rid of it which I did.

Now no more repeating injuries . . .

I did not see him for another month but when we do meet again he tells me in a sort of ‘off to one side way’ that since we last met he has had not one injury or accident at all, nothing, zero, zippo. He said that they have now lost the family ritual where this son would wait with the box of plasters for when he arrived from work and help his dad to ‘make better’ the days wounds. When meeting again about six months later he tells me that he has a minor accident (gouges a finger with a screw driver for example) about once a month. Probably about normal for this type of work.

Strategies to cope, adapt have us justifying these life problems

WSW relevant observations? I spent an intense year dealing with this type of life challenge; all the things that we accept as part of life, as fate, as unchangeable. Having done this for myself and become aware of the huge range of debilitations that we are living with that often take less than 5 minutes to clear it is hard, in fact almost impossible to not see all people as a walking collection of debilitating issues. It is amazing how we have all learnt to disassociate ourselves from what are an integral and daily part of our lives. This is not surprising as healing, energy or therapy approach circles usually label these things as Karma, fate or lessons and such like.

Keywords: constant, regular, accidents, injuries, adaption to limitations, careless, clumsy, accident prone, unacknowledged issues