Do you have phases or a day every so often when you are accident prone, break or spill things, cut yourself shaving, knock things over and so on. A time when you seem to have acquired a carelessness gene overnight? Want to know what causes this?

Do you find yourself Regularly Breaking things or Being Generally Careless, have Bad Luck Episodes

Are these types of things happening just life?

Do we just have to accept that accidents happen, that we’re just in a phase of being careless or breaking things or being accident prone or whatever? Or do you?

I was woken up one morning by the postman ringing the door buzzer to deliver a parcel.

Still not completely awake I struggle into my trousers and then inadvertently stand on the zip while trying to pull them up. Broken zip MMmm drat.

I go down and get the parcel and and find that it is the CD cases I ordered, BUT, not the type I thought I was buying and in closer examination 3 are broken or actually break when I open the wrapping. MMMmm!!!

I then start to make myself a cup of tea, and while sitting back to muse about the broken CD cases I actually spill half my tea down the front of my shirt. MMMMMmmm!!!!

While mopping this up I also notice I split some red wine that I was drinking the previous night and then remember that I also nearly broke my tea cup earlier because I cracked it on the bench when getting it out of the cupboard. So, WTF is going on here? I’ve gone from being not careless AT ALL, VIRTUALLY NEVER BREAKING ANYTHING to having a massive and seemingly ‘paranormal’ blitz!!!!

How many examples do you have to have in one go within a very short time period before you realise that something ‘SERIOUSLY UNTOWARD’ is ‘VERY LIKELY’ going on . . . ??

As a healer and someone that been ‘sensitive’ to spooky/paranormal things as ’causes’ for a good many years at this point and having already checked and dealt with some equally as bizarre things (some described on this site) to have them then disappear/stop happening . . . I start to check whether all these accidents etc are just bad luck . . . OR . . . ‘SOMETHING’ else more ‘spooky’ . . .

Healing Investigation & Clearing to get rid of Subtle Energetic interfering junk Stops Accidents, Tea Spills, Breaking  Things, Persistent BAD LUCK . . . etc, etc . . .

So, I checked to see if I could find anything causing this and sure enough there were what I call some subtle interferences. Once cleared then the rest of the day was uneventful and following week and month were uneventful . . . . no more accident prone examples or unexpected breakages . . .

I should let you know here that I am naturally VERY careful ‘and’ rarely break things or have accidents anyway, so this type of utter extreme blitz of spills/accidents/breakages was exceptionally surreal, almost as if I’m really, really not being me.

Which in a way somewhat makes sense if something is manipulating me to make these things happen through me.

Are these Types of Accident Prone Behaviour ‘REALLY’ Just life or can they be ‘Engineered’ by something?

What is real life and what is symbolic of our original soul lives or even our past lives that we need to openly explore. Yep, OK sometimes annoying pixies or invisible squirrels (only kidding on the latter possibility ‘really’ (although the pixies are perhaps a ‘real’ possibility (check out this site here)), although I’m sure negative entities/spirits could easily do this sort of thing.

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