Do you have phases or a day every so often when you accidentally break or spill things, cut yourself shaving, knock things over and so on. A time when you seem to have acquired a carelessness gene overnight? Want to know what causes this?

Are you breaking things, careless, have bad luck, misfortune or accidents

These things are just life eh? You just have to accept that accidents happen, that your just in a phase of being careless or breaking things or whatever? Or do you?

I was woken up one morning by the postman ringing the door buzzer to deliver a parcel. Still not completely awake I struggle into my trousers and inadvertently stood on the zip while trying to pull them up. Broken zip MMmm drat. So, I go down and get the parcel. It is the CD cases I ordered. Not the type I thought I was buying and 3 are broken or break when I open the wrapping. MMMmm. I make myself a cup of tea, sit back to muse about the cases and spill half my tea down the front of my shirt. MMMMMmmm. While mopping this up I also notice I split some red wine that I was drinking the previous night and nearly broke my tea cup by cracking it on the bench taking it out of the cupboard.

Healing, clearing to get rid of subtle energy interfering junk

So, I checked to see if I could find anything causing this and sure enough there was some manipulations / interferences. Once cleared then the rest of the day was uneventful.

I should let you know here that I am naturally VERY careful, so this type of situation almost seems surreal, like I am really, really not being me. Which makes sense if something is manipulating me to make these things happen through me.

Just life or something else?

What is real life and what is symbolic of our original soul lives that we need to openly explore. Yep, OK sometimes annoying pixies or invisible squirrels (only kidding), or negative entities can do this sort of thing. But, me thinks that perhaps they to are symbolically fitting in with these original soul originated energies and being used to play out their directives.

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