Matrix Healing, Alternative & Spiritual Healing Arts Examples

I used to be a fully time medical research scientist that was dogged by some difficult as well as very limiting/personally disabling life issues.

Many years ago I held to various assumptions not only in terms of the ’causes’ of personal issues and limitations but also with regards to what CAN actually be resolved. If you find yourself seemingly permanently in an anxious and unsettled state with seemingly no ‘reason’ for this then how do you approach understanding the causes of this never mind then attempting to deal with these? What do YOU do?

It’s perhaps a sad refection of ourselves that as a species our primary strategy with regards our most persistent debilitating (and particularly ‘creeping’) personal issues is to automatically adapt and adjust to ‘coping’ with them, rather than taking notice of them and ororientating to more and more ‘engage with them’ as part of efforts to try and understand the origins of these while then trying to find/identify all factors relating to their real originating causes. Basically, the majority of people end up ‘managing’ these, and we manage life difficulties whether they are health based, emotional and or relationship based and or seemingly bad luck or circumstantial!!! I used to do this too!!!

How effective Are Alternative Healing Approaches in Resolving Various Debilitating Issues?

Because I eventually started to work with clients by phone which generally had me speaking to them for on average about 40-60 minutes at a time 3, 4, 5 or 6 or more times a month and which also included talking about themselves and their life in ‘general’ I then started to notice the above ‘ignore’ your issues orientation very quickly. As a result, I then set up a private individual web site for each client and I encouraged them to BECOME AWARE OF and to then list ‘ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING’ that was/is an issue/debilitation and or was permanently and or occasionally not right and or disabling to themselves/their life.

It took quite some time BUT eventually some clients ended up with a list of 100+ issues (when most had started to work with myself because of ‘ONE’), I’d also then noticed that some of the ‘extra’ issues we’re actually side effects and or the long terms outcomes of adapting to their other issues/limitations.

What would the causes be and or how would you ‘manage’ or end up ‘coping’ with the following?

  • Being introvert and withdrawn from people. What we’re the causes/originating circumstances? How do you find never mind deal with this?
  • Unable to openly speak or converse with people because you have a stammer or speech block?
  • Finding yourself at times unconsciously stepping off a sidewalk into traffic?
  • Being unable to deeply emotionally engage with another in a relationship?
  • Being submerged in constant shame or sadness or anxiety or depression?
  • What about being sexually attracted outside of a relationship? How do you ‘manage’ this?
  • Finding yourself automatically attracted to partners whom turn out not to be good for you?
  • Finding yourself unable to leave a relationship that is not working?

The outcome of Coping, Adapting, Adjusting ‘Managing’ Strategies

As a most used adaptation or coping mechanism to creeping, recurring, prolonged and or difficult life issues is to ‘keep going’ while often actually diverting our attention AWAY from these. The end result of doing this consistently is that we end up NOT able to spend time even thinking about our issues/what is most limiting to ourselves. It follows that these strategies over time have us becoming less and less aware of the fact that we actually DO have issues (as we tend to unconsciously accept/adapt to them) never mind to even begin to think or consider as to whether it might be possible to resolve these or be bothered to attempt to try doing this . . . . .

If you have adopted ANY coping, adjusting, adapting strategies with respect to yourself having any life limitations, difficulties or problems then over time these strategies actually more and more PREVENT you from even EVALUATING issues, never mind potential past issue causes, never mind to actually dare consider if it is possible to resolve these?

As the above strategies are the most common then most people including most of my past clients have accumulated REALLY difficult and DEBILITATING issues to a point where they cannot ignore them any longer?

Research of the REAL causes of my own Personal & Debilitating Life Issues

As a research scientist originally I wanted to find the causes of some of MY OWN personal and quite debilitating life issues. In all  I spent 20+ years researching, investigating, using and working with various approaches to achieve this; medicine, healing, therapies and spiritual paths (See the lists below).

So, the bottom line is this . . . . . I had over a dozen very difficult and debilitating issues (Also listed below), I found out how to resolve these ONLY after I moved on from ALL that I researched/teried (listed below).

Examples of healing a broad range of life issues, patterns & challenges

This site is here because both myself and some of my clients have over time come to appreciate what we have been achieving in terms of FULLY resolving a wide variety of life limitations, challenges and debilitations which just might make some of you think twice about the issues that you yourself HAVE RIGHT NOW but perhaps DON’T even think about or ‘do’ BUT, don’t think can be resolved or that are just part of life or yourself anyway? The examples presented in this site might then change your mind . . . . .

So, to your right is a menu with a list of some areas relating to different life issues and life challenges, so see what I or my clients resolved and find out for yourself if your own assumptions are still valid? Below this is a list of what I tried and for how long before giving up on ALL of these (as much as some ‘helped’) because none got to the REAL causes.

Examples of the Healing Issues I have now resolved

  • A bad stammer and speech block.
  • Permanent anxiety / background fear, (from the age of 15 on I spent half my adult life in various anxiety / fear / paralysis / terror symptoms).
  • No feeling response in interactive situations.
  • No or little heart feelings – heart completely blocked. This was one of the main things I wanted to understand.
  • I was not aware of sleeping – I ‘rested’.
  • I was very withdrawn, isolated and unsociable.
  • Always on ‘edge’ unsettled, inner franticness.
  • I had internal allergic reactions to ‘authority or officials’ which I could not understand.
  • Automatic (without awareness) avoidance of unbalanced people.
  • My sexuality was almost completely switched off, even through my late teens AND I wasn’t bothered about this.

Examples of Researched Therapies, Energy Healing Systems and Spiritual Paths . .

The following I was part of or worked with, researched, studied and or had sessions of and or regularly used for 4 or more years;

  • ‘Modern’ Medicine
  • Meditation
  • An enlightenment path
  • Reiki, magnified healing, spiritual healing
  • I-ching guidance

The following I was part of or worked with, studied and or had sessions of and or regularly used for 1 to 4 years;

  • Homoeopathy
  • Acupuncture
  • Yoga (Iyengar)
  • Alexander technique
  • Bach flower remedies
  • 5 rhythms dancing
  • Em-power disc
  • Selfica sferoself
  • Chakra cleansing and energy body rebalancing
  • Crystals for healing, re-balancing amplifying
  • Feng Shui
  • Primal therapy sessions
  • ‘Spiritual’ readings
  • Space clearing techniques
  • Bogi stones for balancing
  • Angelic essences and animal essences

The following I was part of or worked with, studied and or had sessions of and or regularly used for 3 months to a year;

  • Counselling
  • Acupressure
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Psycho-synthesis
  • Meditation, relaxation tapes
  • Re-birthing
  • Aroma therapy
  • Breath Work
  • Spiritualism
  • Mind machines
  • Bio-energy
  • Dowsing, pendulum work
  • Chanting and mantras
  • Sacred space work

The following I tried, seriously read about, used a bit, had a few sessions of and or was taught but did not use much . . .

  • Nlp
  • Tft
  • Reflexology
  • Kinesiology
  • Hypnosis videos
  • Chi Kung
  • Polarity therapy
  • Mandalas
  • Electro crystal therapy
  • Shiatsu

    The Rise of The ‘Matrix Healing’ Phenomenon

    I’ve recently noticed that there are many sites, including many healing sites that use the word ‘Matrix’ as part of their descriptions. Few however actually seem to ‘properly’ understand what this means in ‘real’ terms!! In a Matrix reality your visible body (the one you are given medication for by a medical doctor) is actually nothing more than a remote vehicle avatar . . . in this respect it would probably be useful for you or anyone to know which ‘ailments/health issues/traumas’ etc . . . actually originate within or are the result of some sort of malfunctioning of your invisible subtle body form that is actually your actual ‘REAL BODY’?

    The ‘Matrix’ film made it very clear that all those in the Matrix actually have two bodies. They have an invisible remote one likely being looked after by automated systems which is likely sealed with a life support pod and which is interfaced to and is being ‘REPRESENTED’ by the highly visible/observable human avatar/body form.

    Which ‘issues’ are specific to your human avatar? Which are specific to your real, invisible body? If you have issues specific to your real invisible body then how do you resolve these AND what ‘can’ be resolved by accessing your real subtle body!!!!!

    As some sceptical types my react to the two bodies possibility then I’ve a page here that provides some evidence of ourselves having two bodies. This page is here: ‘Body of Evidence’ of a ‘Matrix’ Reality Style Subtle Being Interfaced to a Physical Vehicle, 2 Body, 2 Sets of Health Issues ‘Problem’