Being ignored, invisible or not acknowledged by others

Have you ever experienced a time when people just don’t see you. That no matter what you do you are ignored, seemingly invisible your presence is not acknowledged almost like you don’t exist.

Repeatedly ignored, not acknowledged in interactions with people

While staying with a friend we both went off walking through their local village. It was a great day, the sun was out and it was actually quite hot. This was the first day like this after winter.

So, there were people out for walks passing through the village and at times they would start up a conversation with my friend. I would try and join in and this was the interesting thing, although this happened about three separate times and once even while sitting beside a couple at a table cafe, no matter what I said; no one acknowledged my presence.

I am not seen, people don’t speak to me, I don’t exist

It was absolutely amazing. I even walked around and stood directly in front of one couple to say something and still I was invisible. My friend was quite stunned, she could not believe what she was seeing either. Not one person even looked at me, not one directed a comment at me, not one replied to me when I spoke. I might as well have not existed.

You could say that these people were being impolite or ignorant.

In spiritual terms I would be common to be told that you either have to find what inside of you is RESPONSIBLE for causing this or in most cases you must ‘let it go’, to not allow it to effect you.

For many years I had been becoming progressively appalled at the ‘let it go’ approach; which is basically a sophisticated way to avoid looking for a cause, a way to adjust yourself until something does not bother you while you still have people ignoring or not acknowledging your presence?

Perhaps rather than say ‘let it go’ perhaps you should be saying ‘perhaps something is ACTUALLY causing these effects?’

Cause and effect is not applied to life challenges?

The cause? I found subtle energy based interferences acting to prevent people from engaging with me, listen to me or acknowledge me. Over the next few weeks I cleared lots of combinations of these. It turns out that there were rather a lot whose aim was to keep me isolated and secluded.

I have to make it clear that the previous week I was not like this, while in this ‘I’m invisible’ phase I remembered the same happening in other distinct phases of my life too.

As there are no concepts or understandings that ‘SOMETHING’ may be acting upon you that could be responsible for causing these types of situations then people just don’t seriously think in these terms.

In fact it’s quite disturbing to think in these terms? Because where do you draw the line?

For you reading this now? How easy is it for you to even just consider the possibility that something hidden and unseen could be acting on you and be responsible for these or OTHER situations happening in your life. Sounds crazy, yes. I could not agree with you more. Sounds crazy.

On the other hand we have concepts such as cause and effect in common and accepted use if not RAMMED into our consciousness. No effect without a CAUSE. It seems that perhaps we are happy to think in cause and effect terms for just about everything EXCEPT for negative personal or life issues.

Just because your brainwashed by science that subtle energy stuff is nonsense then it must be true? Mustn’t it? On the other hand my clients are steadily disappearing these types of ‘weird’ debilitating life issues by getting rid of subtle energy ‘things’ which bizarrely turn out to be what was CAUSING them. Getting rid of the subtle energy CAUSES strangely enough results in the EFFECTS that these were having on my clients no longer happening.

Getting rid of them is perhaps rather a better strategy than of continuously backing into a smaller and smaller ‘let it go’ hole that has you adapting and adjusting and in effect shutting down your responses while people STILL ignore, don’t acknowledge or treat you as invisible in particular situations or phases of your life?

Causes . . . . people not acknowledging you, ignoring you treating you as invisible, irrelevant, people not answering you . . . .

Effect . . . . . that’s fine I’ll shut myself down, I’ll disassociate, desensitise myself to life until these things happening no longer bother me . . . .

Causes . . . . people not acknowledging you, ignoring you, treating you as invisible . . . . STILL HAPPENING . . . . .

The invisible and unseen ‘none’ Clients

I’m adding this line here in early January 2011 because, as you can see there are quite a few comments on this topic while strangely only one person with this issue actually worked with myself (or someone whom I ‘facilitate’ to help others) to address this. People made to be ‘invisible’ are it seems made to stay that way.

Do you want this resolved?

If you REALLY do then read this page HERE.

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89 Responses so far to “Being ignored, invisible or not acknowledged by others”

  1. Adriana says:

    Yes, you can let something go, but if you do not find the source of it, then it comes back again.

    Also, if you are being the effect of something, and don’t know what it is or how you contributed to it, or the mechanism of entrapment, then maybe you will continue getting trapped by the same type of thing.

  2. Cara Yowell says:

    Disturbing, but accurate post. I have experienced this phenomena first hand. What would you recommend to deal with this phenomena of invisiblity, disrespect, and never acknowledged? As you said, letting go just leads to shutting down in regards to this stuff…it doesn’t make the experience stop happening. Perhaps is perpetuates it?

    Thanks for the enlightening post. Definitely energetic sludge or down right assault. Don’t make us wait until mid 2009…can you give us some direction?

    • Clive says:

      @Cara Yowell – Hi Cara, sorry but I’m in a bit of a catch 22. Resolving these types of things is in some cases easy in others difficult. I made a decision a while ago to keep developing the technology to a point where I have figured out how to offer resources for people to work with independently on a web site which will in most cases address many of the issues presented on this site and lots of others. I have developed the work to this level and this is what my full time clients use BUT it will still take a while to write documentation and adapt the presentation and so on and so I am drawing the line and not do individual ‘one’ off clearings MYSELF else I will end up running round like a headless chicken and have myself and this work frozen because I’m too busy. BUT . . . . I will pass your details onto a client of mine whom is starting to work with others – he can give you a session or more and sort this out . . .

  3. Don Wiechec says:

    I saved the lives of 17 ambushed marines, for this I was relieved from duty and publicly shouted down, To cover the negligence of two CO’s I was given orders, sent out to die without proper weapons for me or my troops, I was posted to pacify a VC town, The success was unacknowledged. I’ve experienced this crazy unacknowledged life throughout my career in film and photography projects.

    • Clive says:

      Hi Don, I can attest to you having something strong not acknowledging you. I got an automated mail telling me a comment is here to check out and normally I’d get here within a half hour or receiving this mail and deal with it. Yes, I’ve been very busy this last week BUT it’s still no excuse, a 30 second time slot puts the comment up.

  4. gianna says:

    How do you clear the subtle energy? It is very accurate of what is happening.

    • Clive says:

      Hi Gianna, there is always subtle energy crap causing these sorts of things mostly things done against people and also things done by healers and therapists to ‘help’ in past existences to keep others away that caused problems (conflicts or difficult confrontations for example) . . . . which are then still influencing us in future lives.

  5. Elizabeth says:

    I feel this invisibility from time to time, throughout my life. I’m glad I stumbled upon this site to read about other people experiencing this, also. Sometimes I think the explanation lies in the paranormal, or maybe it is just a directive to others from God. I guess that would be the paranormal.

  6. Elizabeth says:

    Boy, this is rich. I post a comment about being ignored and invisible on a site that deals with ‘Being ignored, invisible or not acknowledged by others’. And what happens…I’m ignored, invisible and not acknowledged by others. Well, at least I have my sense of humor.

    • Kyle says:

      We will both be ignored together.

      Not acknowledged:

      The only way to gain attention is to run away from home and it usually works for a short while where I get people talking to me but then poof back to the same old stupid crap.

      I have had it with life.

      • Sha says:

        Yea, i’ve tried ‘running away’, several times now and i have to agree with you it just doesn’t work….i just end up right back where i started everytime!!!

        Re: i have had it with life.

        Yea, me too (at times!) xX

  7. Clive says:

    @Elizabeth – Hi, Elizabeth, you left a comment on this page which I approved and displayed (Not ignored). That comment did not ask any questions or state that you wanted help so I did not presume that you wanted any? Many people don’t. Cara, whom left the second comment toward the top asked for help and so did get a response and had these issues addressed and resolved by a colleague of mine.

  8. Don Wiechec says:

    @Clive – I’d appreciate any thoughts on re-forming energy or ideas what is strong and blocking. It’s painful.

  9. Clive says:

    @Don Wiechec – Don, can you use the contact form – I’ve sent you three e-mails to the e-mail address you’ve given with the comments and obviously none get through. I did this from the first comment.

  10. Cara Yowell says:

    Howdy all!

    Just wanted to report that the healing protocol was not like anything I’ve experienced before, and I’ve been involved with many energetic healing techniques. Will post more…but I had to just dip my toe in the water. I can say I am definitely not being ignored and disrespected any more! Kind of at a loss for words on how to describe what happened, but will do it anyway.

    I worked with Samuel, all via e-mail to clear these areas and the SelfHealingHandbook ( has been helpful, too.

    Stay tuned as I get my sea legs on how to describe this life changing experience . . . Whew! . . . . Cara

  11. Jules says:

    All through my life I’ve been ignored, overlooked and felt invisible. I’ve got intelligence, I hold down a job, have hobbies, always look tidy, but I’m still invisible. Thank goodness I’m happily married or I’d feel totally cut off. People even cut into what I’m saying and speak over the top of me. This happened recently at work, so I decided to try raising my voice to finish what I was saying, but the other person carried on too, much louder to the point where it was embarrassing. People also seem to keep me at arms length even when sharing hobbies and interests. I joke to my husband that sometimes I feel like Bruce Willis in The Sixth Sense! My husband says it’s because some women are jealous and try to freeze me out, but he would say that wouldn’t he! I get the feeling that people take against me immediately. Maybe I’m trying too hard to be liked – I’ve made myself a benign, simpering, smiling, quiet, eager to people pleaser to get people to like me, but that’s wrong too. So, am I cursed with bad vibes and if so, please, what can I do to sort this out.

    • Clive says:

      Hi Jules, Would you like to work with someone to turn these areas around? I’m too busy at the moment and I suspect that the therapists I’ve trained are busy too BUT only for a month or two. Let us know; use the contact form.

      • debra kriger says:

        need people to listen to me and take me seriously.. feel invisible comes form family need hlp thanks

      • Sha. says:

        Hi Debra,
        i didn’t really understand this comment here of yours, are you saying that feeling invisible comes from the person’s family needing ‘HELP’

        Like a sort of Signal or Flashing beacon!

  12. Mrs. H says:

    Being ignored, invisible to others, taken advantage of…. yes, it seems to me a normal occurrence; something I learned to expect but HOPE would not happen.

    Sometimes, it’s ok. It has been (and often still is), protection against people who would do me physical harm in most cases; at least when I was young it seemed ok. It still hurt but I do recall resigning myself to it as if I were a slave like my great, great, great grandmother was.

    Most times I could actually observe the reason behind such behavior towards me. Now, that I am in my 50′s, keeping a precarious hold on a battered body and mind, when I actually need to be noticed enough just to get a job, the silent but obvious snubs are more welcoming to me than those more subtle, back-handed lack of acknowledgement; being considered an afterthought like forgetting to wash your hands after a messy moment in the bathroom.

    I suppose it’s my age now that I speak out loud about such observations. I speak out with firm accusations tempered with the observation of their behavior and watch those who would treat me so, jerk awake for a moment. Their faces are frightened and, well, full of shame at being thus called out. It provides them with validation for their pre-judgment of me, who they do not know and do not want to know.

    I am angry for a few minutes and seeing that this same behavior in them, times millions of other humans, makes for a sad, social and spiritual existence in this too short life.

    I retreat. To the solace of my husband, my only true friend; to moments of hope that die as would a stillborn child; to writing in rage; to pleading with the deity I KNOW exist within me; to pushing my body, obese from illnesses and too much work even farther that it has the strength to go.

    I retreat and wonder if this is all there is to the golden years of my life? Has my deity already died and moved on? Have I truly lost not only confidence in my ability to make a living? Create a quality of life I seem to entertain less and less?

    Perhaps being ignored is not so bad. If it is done long enough, one loses the will to fight or love humanity at all or maybe it just comes down to that silent scream.

    • Clive says:

      Hi ‘H’ often when people cause us harm or threaten then our strategies to keep ourselves ‘safe’ are often about making sure that we don’t encounter or engage with such people. In effect you retreat AND most clients that have experienced the same have been found to have lots of barriers and ‘subtle’ energies around them making sure that people stay away from them or they don’t take any notice of you even if your right in front of them; it’s the result of lots of still present ‘protection’ because of past events. We sort of this problem by removing the barriers AND also getting rid of what caused the conflicts, confrontations and attacks that led to the barrier induced withdrawal.

  13. Ms. Diamond says:

    All of my life I have felt inferior and this world treats me like I have the plaque or something. I am not good at making friends or the friends I do have for some reason they do not talk with me any longer. I do not think that I have done anything wrong. People at my job the vas majority of them hardly even say 2 words to me unless they need something. I really do not see my purpose for being on this planet. What is the point?

    It seems even at social settings, I feel over looked and ignored and is make me mad. Why should even make the effort to make these morons like me and I feel like if they want to talk with me step to me why should I make a fool out of myself. I have a hard time being friends toward people a lot of time they seem to give me attitude and I do not think that I have done anything wrong but mind my own business.

    The vast majority of my Coworkers I do not talk to them or like them and do not care for a couple of my supervisors either because they seem to have an authority problem.

    I have been at this particular job for a few years now and have yet to get promoted and often overlooked. I am know that I am highly qualified to do the job but you have people who are supervisors who have less education than myself who are appointed as a supervisor. Well, I am not glad for them at all because that does not have anything to do with me and I could care less. I only care about myself not those other people because they sure do not give a damn about me their actions show it.

    I wished I had never been born or existed what is the point or purpose. I guess the only way people treat me like I am special if I was rich or something or struck money in the lottery then I guess they would be nice and acknowledge me then because they want some of my money and I would tell them off and were to stick it. I do not care about a lot of people’s feelings because they have zero regard for me and my feelings. I get so angry and jealous because people often ignore me but to talk to others. I hate other people talking to others but snub me like I have a disease or something. My life is so messed up for real. I wished I was perfect and rich and never having ever need God or people. I do not like wasting my precious time asking for help or making a stupid fool out of myself.

    • Un says:

      Dear Ms. Diamond,
      I know your frustration and pain. (if I may say)?
      Good for you, though – I don’t even have a job. My Name here is Un because it describes me to a tee: Unacceptable, Uneducated, Unskilled, Unlikable, Unlovable…. Somehow I’ve gone 54 years in this sad, painful, isolated life. I truly don’t know why I was not to have a nice life, like most people seem to. I am a very good, kind and generous person. It is the essence of me that is just not acceptable. Rejection has always been inevitable, so now I just keep to myself. It’s actually less painful that way.
      You will be in my thoughts.

    • I read your comment and the subsequent reply with a great deal of sadness. I too have suffered the same “ignorance” at places of work, which makes you feel invisible and worthless and no the answer is not to keep to yourself but to analyse your own qualities, what do you like about yourself, what can you do that others can`t and then try to do these things so well that these others have to stand up and take notice. If you still cant make headway with these people then you may need to consider a change of career. If life makes us miserable then we can change our life. My change of life is to start working with people who can`t help themselves i.e. mentally challenged or people with learning difficulties who rely on others to help them.

    • Cappy says:

      Ms Diamond, you could be my twin on many levels! Just goes to show you aren’t alone…and, you aren’t being totally ignored. ;) Your post sure grabbed my attention.

  14. Joe says:

    I share your exact sentiment to a tee. I have gone thru and going thru exactly the same thing.

  15. Maggie says:

    Hi. I have been ignored, not acknowledged, passed over, etc. at work and in my first family. My talents or skills have not been acknowledged. I have always encouraged others in my family and my co-workers, but get none in return. I see it as jealousy, but what can be done about it?

  16. farthest says:

    Recently I said some weird strong and condemning things to a person who was in a weaker position.. I blasted him.. and put him way down.. and I live in a small village.. everyone has heard about my meanness.. I have no where to go, I feel sorry for my husband who has to live with a wife who has a bad reputation. My actions confirmed what had already been known that I am unstable and can freak out.. how does one live with this feeling?

  17. lauren .R says:

    im talking about being “invisible” i walk around to try to talk to what once was my friends i try speaking to them even standing in front of them they think im n ot even there. my twin sister blankes me i even live in the same house as her its like she tryies to walk through me but she pushes me out of the way and walks on, ive tried to ask why she blanks me and obviously she doesnt awnser me. she never askes me to go out to town or something with her to sort things out i even try asking but when she does end up listening to me she says that she is not going out but infact shes sneakily going. this makes me very upset as she has never asked me to do some fun / sister bonding things. i wish people can at least speak to me for once. ive tried to ask friends of friends whats going on but they say im diferent but the only diferent thing about me is that no one speakes to me.i hope anyone can give me advice thank you

  18. BMC says:

    I don’t know what it is about me, but I am invisible – even when I blog.
    My comments are thoughtfully written, insightful, articulate and civil, but I might as well be writing with invisible ink.
    I really don’t get it.
    I’m not looking for answers. I was just venting.

  19. David says:

    A very good description,I also believe it to be a “mystic” problem.Although this problem still exists for me,it does not exist in all areas. Assert power where and when you can, if a subordinate ignores you, fire them or have them disciplined.If you have the right away at an intersection,GO,leave the consequences to the person that disregards you,they will back down every time (20 years-0 accidents and I always hold my ground).

    I am still ignored, but there are areas where I am not and this makes me feel better.

    It might be easy to disagree or disprove some of my advice, but its advice and it works.

    • Sha. says:

      Hi David, i am a ‘non-driver’ at the moment as i’ve had my driving licience revoked due to medical reasons, but i have had huge problems in the past with driving confrontations and would always be left with bad feelings no matter if i had MY ‘right of way’ or they had theirs. Eventually i learnt and evolved using {WSW} to a place where i could ‘feel-into’ the situation’s presented whilst driving my car and choose the best choice for myself – which funnily enough always turned out to be ‘the best i could do by both parties’, considering both them and me in the equation

      Feeling/seeing others to be on the same side as myself and not deliberately against me makes this choice much easier

      Asserting power over others has NEVER worked for me, i learnt in the end to keep quite, stay out of the way and remain un-noticed the best i could IF i wanted a chance at an easy and a semi-peacful life, which i definately did want, so that is what i mostly did.

      Now that i have cleared allot of the interferences responsibile for these issues, life is much better for me in all of these areas

      Have Fun -X-

  20. Matej says:

    I have experience with both extremes, being totally unseen or ignored (this was because of my great shame and feeling of being unworthy) but when I started working on myself and dealing with my junk, I since then sometimes experience another extreme that surprises me… I can just say a word not even loudly and people would turn to me, once this interupted a lively conversation that I wasn’t even a part of – they both literary cut it and turned to me with great interest.
    So, it seems it’s a matter of intention that we put out. I know that when I feel small and unworthy, I become like a ghost, I can walk into a store and I can tell that a shop guy can’t see me and I know it’s just me, I’m giving this out, and I don’t get angry anymore, but yes, I know how frustrating this is.

  21. PLL says:

    How do lose/take off this suit of invisibility I am wearing? Why did I put it on in the first place? Thank you.

  22. Ivy says:

    Here’s my brief history: 1. quiet brainy kid, social reject in HS, I believed I was socially flawed and hopeless 2. College and next 20 years – became physically attractive, no longer had social invisibility, became outgoing and believed I was an attractive person 3. took a job where within 2 years (I was 41) I became completely invisible. This has lasted for 8 years now. At first I attributed it to society’s dismissive attitude toward middle-age women. But over the years other women my age have worked here and have been treated like queens. I started here a fun-loving, open person who looked forward to seeing people every day. Now I ignore everybody except for a polite hello and goodbye, and have only a couple of people (out of a department of 30+ people) I talk to during the work day. I want to be visible again. Maybe my problem is not invisibility but deliberately being ignored. The few times I tried to be talkative and included made the involved people even more pointedly ignore me in the future. I cannot figure out why I am being treated so differently here than in the rest of my adult like – it is just like high school again.

    • Kyle says:

      That’s too bad or is it good?. :-?

      At our local movie theather I was allowed into the projection room and got to watch the staff clean up and helped turn off some of the lights to the theather……. I got to learned a bit about the equipment even though they didn’t know squat about me. :)

      • Ivy says:

        Hi – I haven’t checked this site until today so sorry I did not get back sooner. The nonsense at my job continues. As far as being invisible as a good thing – it’s very much a good thing when I am out traveling or in public places. I get to observe everything and rarely will anyone bother me. I also am very private and being invisible means people aren’t calling me up and being clingy – I don’t have it so bad outside of work, I have a spouse and 2 children so I am only lonely at work.

      • Sha. says:

        Hey, Ivy, don’t worry about ‘getting back’ ‘ere’ or of not responding or not responding quickly enuff.
        I think it’s a sort of ‘given’ that this is what happens to most people who vist here, it’s kinda expected and ‘NOT-a-PROBLEM’

        (For most people that visit here anyway)

        Not fun though, having no friends to ‘enjoy’ work with… Hope your sitaution improves in Work for you and all your issues resolve for the Best!

        Wishing you all the Bestest Ivy xx

  23. Kyle says:

    LOL. Just as I thought.

    I am invisible even on here.

    At least it’s a double edge sword as I had a few good things come out of this curse where I got to got to go to places most people would not be allowed without getting in trouble since I do not have karma. :)

  24. Sha. says:

    Hahaha Kyle, where did you spring from then ? -x-

  25. Cypres says:

    I think communities will always have people they admire and those they ignore. Unfortunately I am in the ignored category at our school department. Minding my business, being quiet and not giving a crap to people who don’t give crap to me are the main reasons. I am not a bad person but I think some people expect me to socialize the way they want. Few days ago a classmate talked me down while the instructor was teaching. Except being classmate I have nothing else to do with that man. This makes me wonder why would someone waste his time talking about me? That means he is interested in my life and I don’t give a crap about his life. Some people work hard to show that they ignore you as if they do not have better things to do. Sometime when people see that you don’t give a crap it makes them feel bad and they seek any opportunity they can get to put you down emotionally. It recently worked as a lady that was talking to me suddenly stopped. Now I see her jiggling with the group I consider hostile to me. There is nothing I can do for example to date any woman we are taking classes together as the group has successfully made them consider me as a pariah. My response: A few female schoolmates are not the only possibility a creator that put on this planet more than 3 billion women has for me for my future partner.

  26. debra says:

    feel invisible and feel like I am unable to get my paoint accross and it frustrates me.. need help

  27. Sha. says:

    Yes, I DO KNOW THAT ONE, AND it is VERY MUCH frustrasting i agree…

    :)Hope U get the help you require to resolve this issue

  28. Elizabeth says:

    Well here’s a new one. I’m so invisible that seagulls don’t even acknowledge me.
    I live on cape cod and drove to the water with some fresh smelts and mussels to treat the seagulls.
    I was flinging them out the window and not one gull was interested, as if I wasn’t even there.
    At the same time, I’m watching someone in a car a ways away roll down his window and fling some French fry or something. Well I have to tell you that gulls were coming out of the woodwork to this car.
    Just how invisible does a person have to be to be dissed by hungry seagulls?
    I give up. My name is Elizabeth, and I’m invisible.

  29. Kris says:

    During my life, I have felt that I am seeking others friendships and not the other way around. It hurts my feelings when I have left phone messages or emails and a couple weeks later do the same thing with no results. When I finally do the same again and ask, are you ill or do you want to end this friendship, they apologize and get together and have a great time but the friendship doesn’t change. I do have two friends that call me spontaneously. Also, it has been 7 years since my divorce and I have never been asked out. I look rather nice for my age so I have no idea why I am ignored and invisible.

  30. Kris says:

    It was helpful and insightful to think about your questions of when being ignored started happening, how it made me feel, etc.

  31. gill says:

    I came across this website and I feel relieved to know that I am not the only person in this situation. I am a humble, kind, loving person and cannot understand why people treat me as if I do not exist. It is painful, but I cherish my family (husband, 3 children and my sister) who love me unconditionally without that it would be hard to go on. I was ill for some time so lost touch with friends and distant relatives, but since I have got back in touch I am ignored e.g. if I post comments on facebook I am not acknowledged also recently I had to challenge the council because of the lack of care given to my sister (she requires care due to learning disabilities and mental health issues) I sent over 30 emails and I was ignored each time. My sister now has adequate care but social services are evasive, I did not do anything wrong and have always been polite. In the end I made official complaints and got in touch with advocates which helped get the care required but has made them all ignore me even more. I get this treatment everywhere else too, even in conversations when I speak, people talk over me. To deal with this I keep myself to myself and take it as it comes I de-sensitise myself to this treatment. It makes me feel unworthy at times to have the attention of others, but I know in myself that I am a good person and keep my dignity. Your tips and comments are welcomed.

  32. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Gill,
    I don’t have any tips, but I just wanted to acknowledge your heartfelt post.
    I wish I could wave a magic wand over all of us to make us as special to others as we deserve to be, because we are all good, kind, and deserving people.
    I hope you can get some helpful advice from others.
    You absolutely deserve better!

  33. Ivy says:

    I think that being good and sensitive people is part of why it’s easy for others to ignore us. We need to detach from emotions and approach this stuff with a cool rational head – for instance, instead of moping and withdrawing because I was once again ignored and excluded at work, I am looking at myself critically and arming myself to walk out of here and negotiate a great job package elsewhere. And one of the conditions of this job (I may have to start my own business) is that the people I work with are on the same communication wavelength as me. But believe me, I know that the memory of the pain of being ignored and on top of that being made to look like the “problem” when it is the other people who are gossiping and slandering, that is a hard pain to overcome. But it can be overcome – it ain’t that bad when you look at people in worse situations (ex. in a real military war zone for example).

    • Sha says:

      Be care with detaching yourself from your emotions Ivy, i’ve tried that method and was left with rather ‘little of anything’ by the time i was finished…

      But i do agree that we definately do NEED mind, thinking and logic too (i also tried dumping that side of ‘self’ too, and can also say that did not help at all either !

      Sometimes bad / difficult situations can be our motive to make needed physical changes, though wouldn’t it be ‘nice’ to be able to choose change without such difficult ‘nudges’ in life.

      Hope things go well for you and any life changes you make Ivy ….. gudluck….wishing you the best! xx

  34. Emily says:

    Sometimes not being seen is a blessing. What if you stood out all the time? And you don’t need other people to acknowledge you. Acknowledge yourself and the people who really count, get them to acknowledge you, not strangers. I think this is more about people being sensitive and feeling invisible. Just because people don’t see you does not mean you don’t exist. You still matter. Your voice still matters. Do other things to be heard: write, sing, paint, take a drama class.

    • Clive says:

      This page is about explaining that ‘subtle energetic crap’ is actually responsible (in all cases so far in terms of people working with me) of people being invisible, over looked, not acknowledged . . . this is built up over a long period of time (many lifetimes) when people DON’T want to be seen / have actually been noticed and had bad things happen. Being ‘positive’ about being ‘invisible’ doesn’t actually address what is responsible for this. Does it? In all cases it was ALSO subtle energetic crap actually causing the original circumstances that caused people problems that made them try and be less visible / not noticed. Getting rid of both sets of energetic crap means you are neither invisible nor attract crap if you are visible. For a detailed breakdown of the long term ‘negative’ consequences of ‘positive’ avoidance strategies of ‘negative’ issues then read;

    • Sha says:

      RE: Sometimes not being seen is a blessing

      i can certainly identify with this statement, Emily.

      Standing out and being acknowledged all the time IS truely difficult and un-nerving in my opinion, least it can be, I’m getting more used to it now….

      Getting the people that ‘really count’ to acknowledge me is what i find the most difficult to do and i no longer bother / make any effort for this to happen…

      Feeling invisable can make you feel like not existing or not wanting to exist, since it often feels like there is just ‘no point’ to ‘being’ at all, if no-body cares…

      yes, YOU matter, and so does one’s VOICE, but if there is no-one around to appreciate it….. it often falls on deaf ears and wasted space..

      Writing, Singing, painting and drama are all excellent ways to express, heal and have fun …

      Gud for Spiritual Processing too….i can higly recommend them !


  35. Jennifer says:

    Dear Clive,
    I’m glad I found many people facing the same problem as mine. I always feel ignored and unwanted by my friends I tried to change but nothing happened.. I sometimes feel as if im a dumb head I need you to instruct me what to do and how can i get this problem to be solved! thanks :)

    • Sha says:

      Hi Jennifer,

      Don’t know if you got your problem solved, but here is what Clive wrote above at the end of this ‘write-up’ / article

      - The invisible and unseen ‘none’ Clients

      I’m adding this line here in early January 2011 because, as you can see there are quite a few comments on this topic while strangely only one person with this issue actually worked with myself (or someone whom I ‘facilitate’ to help others) to address this. People made to be ‘invisible’ are made to STAY invisible.

      Do you want this resolved?

      If you REALLY do then read this page HERE and then THIS page HERE and fill the form in HERE

      (see above, at bottom of the ‘write-up’ page, to access the ‘HERE’ links)

      Hope this Helps xX

  36. JS says:

    Thought I was the only person to experience this. Does anyone find that while people don’t acknowledge you animals do? Oddly, animals have always been attracted to me, they always see me and acknowledge me, same with babies (human).

    • Elizabeth says:

      I get the same thing.
      It doesn’t surprise me, though.
      Animals and babies can see dead people, too.
      If we don’t register with them, we’re in real trouble.
      Although, I was dissed by seagulls a while back.

      • Sha says:

        Oh dear Elizabeth, dissed by seagulls, not good….however, it could be worse….

        You think they are dissing you until ‘SsssSPLOP !’ – ‘POOOO – Attack!’
        …then you know you really weren’t been dissed, as their poo perfectly lands and hit’s the mark !

        Hahah….. I had a near miss a little while ago ! xX

        PS. Seagulls are one of my most favourite of birds, they are just awesome and so funny!

      • Sha says:

        I was thinking about this being ignored issue this morning, when my closest companions, my dogs were taking ‘no-notice of me’, as usual….Hahaha….

        They hear me alright, they just choose to do otherwise….and off they go.. haha xX

    • Sha says:

      Hi JS, yes, i agree, i have the same, trouble is with my new ‘movement’ i also feel that ALL humans too, now acknowledge me,

      I am coming to terms with this and at some point i guess, i will be at more ease too.

      Trouble is until i get to that point ‘Human acknowlegement is ‘HELL on LEGS’ …..
      takecare ~ staysafe

      thanks js Xx

  37. Jayde says:

    I’m so glad I found this website. My name is Jayde and I’ve been trying to break the barrier of being ignored for quite some time. On forums or anything net related my post gets ignored. I’ve been at my work for a year and people came up to me asking if I was new. I’m also never acknowledged when I do something grand if anything the praise goes to others.

    It’s not as bad as many others have posted here but it was so bad at one point I couldn’t even get a job my 18th birthday had 2 people show up and my 21st had 5 people.

    I still don’t have many friends because of it but I don’t know what I did but when I stopes caring for attention and started doing my own thing like drastically dyeing my hair, changing my overall dress sense to quirky and started to decorate my things and cherish the thing that I love I’ve been somewhat noticed.

    I’m not sure how that can translate to anyone as advice but it’s working somewhat for me.

  38. Kim says:

    my school started last june. and since then I already feel ignored and not welcomed with the people I go with every breaks. They were my classmates before so they’re really the one I go with every breaks since I went to highschool.

    at first, I was still ok . I thought it would only be for a matter of time and it’ll pass. but I already feel really Ignored and not acknowledged.

    I think it’s because I don’t talk too much anymore unlike before, but even if I try to talk and open my mouth I would just make the conversation awkward and make them stop. I dunno, I think they don’t think I should be talked to.

    I have this friend named Justine, He goes with us too. He’s the only one who makes an effort to wait for me to get out of our room every breaks. We go with these people even though they don’t even bother if we’re still alive. and just last friday He’s leaving me behind already. I know that it is because people isn’t welcoming him also in the other group. I saw him with another group of people which isn’t really a problem to me since they’ve been a friend of mine. but the fact that Justine leaved me and went with them without telling me, hurt me a lot. I still did come with them and we went in the Library since I don’t have anybody to come with. then they we’re just talking but didn’t even checked me as if I don’t really exist.

    I’ve been really sad since the first day of school because my bestfriend leaved my school, actually she’s a late enrolee and my school didn’t accept her already, same thing happened to my another bestfriend. so, when I went to school, I was really sad and I think I often laugh and make a joke during the first day too, so I think I bored the people with that. I think I was destined to be alone. I just didn’t lost 1 bestfriend this school year, I lost 2 bestfriends. How mean the world is to me?

    My friend asked me what was bothering me and what my problem is. I thought she’s already the one who’ll make me feel better but then she keep on insisting that maybe I did something wrong with people. I never did something wrong with people, I become loyal with my friends even though they’re taking advantage of me. I’m generous and I always forgive people even though they already made a lot of wrong things to me. I know she doesn’t know how it feels because she’s so lucky with the people she’s with. I asked her what might be wrong about me and she said nothing. I apologized if ever I did something wrong to her.. I thought of myself that I might be weird, ugly or what. but even if I am, why couldn’t they accept me?.

    did anyone of you survived things like this?. how? tell me please. I don’t know how to continue this life. even if I should be strong. I’m really afraid of being alone. I’m planning not to go to school this monday. I still can’t get over of these things :’( help me out please.

    • Sha says:

      Sorry to hear of your struggle Kim,

      Here’s a couple of things you could look at or think about, that may help you a little. They are things i have been working on for myself.

      Although you can’t change others, you can look into your own self to see and learn more things about yourself during these difficult times.

      In my experience, the only person who can really be there for ‘you’ is ‘yourself’ (oh !, and of course spirit, but spirit is found within yourself in my experience)

      It takes time, to learn to be there for one’s self and i am still very much learning at this.

      Instead of trying to work out why people do the things they do and go through judgements and justisfications within your mind, try if you can to focus on the feelings within yourself, staying with these as much as you can and allowing them to express (in a safe place)and allowing the feelings to give you their understandings and meanings.

      In time, you will improve at this and gaining the understandings from the feelings helps to open you to knew ways of ‘being’ and feeling.

      If you can, try and use these difficult times to learn more about yourself, you may in time be able to view things in a different and more acceptable way and also learn to be there for yourself in new and more encompassing ways, which in turn will help to change the way you see and hopefully feel towards what’s happening in your life and also could help to effect and possibly change your life circumstances too in a beneficial way.

      Check out Clive’s SelfHealingHandbook, link is above, there maybe some ‘focuses of intent’ you could do, to help target your issues and hopefully start to turn these things around…

      xX Wishing you the Best xx – hoping things change for the Better xX

    • Sha says:

      Kim, You could also ask for a WSW Healing Session with Clive, or another WSW facilitator to clear-up these issues, however this option does require money.

  39. Bonnie says:

    I was married for 23 years, and unfortunately still have to see my ex husband at work. We have 2 grown daughters together, so we are not kids. My issue is that we had such a horrible marriage and horrible divorce, which happened 11 years ago–so its not like it is even fresh. I was hoping he and I could at least have a civil relationship at work, and I have certainly tried. But he blatantly treats me like I am invisible, and even does this in front of people. It is like he prefers to think of me as thought I am dead. I would be lying to say it doesn’t hurt when he shows such obvious disprespect for me–and I am clueless as to why he does this. Does anyone have any insight into this immature and totally uncalled for behavior on his part?

  40. priyanka says:

    i introduced two group of friends and now they completely ignore me and when i use to be with them they use to make fun of me and probably considered me not cool enough for them and usually disrespected me now i feel lonely now

  41. shannon says:

    This is a quite interesting subject. I recently felt invisible by an ex-girlfriend, and at work where I have lots of great ideas I wanted to share. I feel it stems from the ego. Generally it seems people want to be right or the best given numerous situations. If you are subtley seen to challenge their opinion of themselves you can get “shut down”. Another possible reason for this anomoly is another ego-driven cause, and that is self-centeredness or selfishness- people being to into themselves and their own world to care. I have seen many self-absorbed types ignore others, and the strange thing that the closer someone is to that person, the more it seems to be tolerated.

  42. shannon says:

    Ps. Nothing is “wrong” with any of you on here- it just seems to be challenging others with who they are, peace and love to you….

  43. shannon says:

    Or should I say challenging them with who they THINK they are.

  44. Otti says:

    I just want to say that I know why I’m invisible. When I do rituals I want to be invisible but that’s how I realized I need to force visibility (by word) or ask to be protected like in traffic.
    This website reminds me of what Esther (from Abraham Hicks) would say about beating the drum. This website is the opposite of being in the cortex or an extension of God. Un, you say you are kind, which means you deserve so much but can’t receive it or block it.. Obviously, many in here have more power (from past lives) than they can remember (including vows). Somehow we’re trying to hide, again probably from past life memory. I would also recommend tapping (EFT) to remove emotional issues. We need to be conscious creators.

    • Clive says:

      So, Otto you think you are a “conscious creator” but on the other hand you actually “want to be Invisible”? Any ideas what your ‘spirit’ associates do when you ‘want’ something like this? There is a 30 page article series HERE that describes how hidden helping ‘light’ beings (aligned to help the so called ‘aware and conscious’ light people) help such people AND one of the things that they do is put up protection and barriers and so on which actually turns out to be the cause of people becoming invisible. As far as I can tell every so called conscious ‘light’ person are so unconscious that they’ve all missed what I describe on these pages. Then there is this page HERE which helpfully describes in detail what is took to deal with everything that these light beings had done that was sabotaging another so called ‘conscious creator’ from actually being able to get clients for his healing practice because he’d become so invisible. This example is quite funny because it involves 1000′s of so called aware and conscious types that all missed what I described on that page. Are you conscious enough Otto to be aware of the long term conscious and awareness eroding effects of actually using ‘protection’ which is described HERE. Then there is another set of 25 pages HERE that all so called ‘conscious creator’ types seem to be studiously ignoring which describes the 11 implants that are in the energy field of all light worker so called aware conscious creator types keeping them managed and controlled while actually having them ‘imagine’ that they are aware and conscious. I’ve a page HERE that describes how to use the Law of Attraction PROPERLY and the dreadful long term consequences of using it stupidly.

      I’d bet you don’t make it though reading every one of these pages all the way through Otto because the highest priority of the lightworker implants is to make sure you never become aware or conscious of very much at all.

  45. Cynthia says:

    I have experienced this “being ignored” for many years now. It seems I have an uncanny ability to become invisible! People pass over me for others, I am frequently not included in socializing, and I am not acknowledged when I go shopping or to events many times. Don’t know what the cause is–I am not unattractive, always pay attention to how I look but yet people seem to just not SEE me. And I am passed over at work for things. Ready to make a big change, but just don’t know what to do. Have been in therapy for a long time but no big “aha” moments there!

  46. shannon says:

    Do you believe sometimes it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy? Don’t be afraid of your power, use it! Believe you are the shit, and you will be! ( not literally of course…Hahaha :-)

  47. Kevin says:

    I have a very good background and im very friendly and i include people rather than leave them out. but recently i feel ignored i made some suggestions and they were shot down at work later the same suggestions were made by someone else. now all i get is people ignoring me and telling me im wrong and repeating back to me what i just said.

  48. Kevin says:

    i feel like i have the inability to communicate properly or thats what people are trying to instill in me

  49. ann andersen says:

    There are always people who, will put you down hurt you, how better than to make you feel invisable, make you feel not worth anything.
    These people sometimes are jealous, building there own egos. Hold you head up high, the world can be a wonderful place, look for the good, create, love, look at nature, be kind, not like those who do not see you. If they do not see you, then they have missed out. Everyone is different, worth knowing. Some people are nice to those who can get them ahead, forget about them. I am not young, but not old either, still I have lived. Enjoy your life, it can be wonderful.

  50. lesley says:

    I was once a person that was totally ignored. Seemed like people did not acknowledge my presence. But then I realised it was me! I just lacked the confidence and motivation to talk to others hence why I was ignored. I realised the people I was talking to that did not make an effort to respond were just a waste of my time. I later realised that some people just don’t deserve your attention. Approach people who care ! Trust me there are people who care you just haven’t met them. Stay positive it didn’t work out the first time nor the second time or third time for me! “Everything in life is temporary. So, if things are going good, enjoy it because it won’t last forever. And if things are going bad, don’t worry. That can’t last forever either”.. Many of your comments obviously shows that you lack of faith! have faith in yourself !

  51. elle says:

    Actually there are a number of reasons why people do not see or acknowledge you. Most can be easily explained by in-group preferences of human beings and what in communication theory is called “filtering.” All messages sent and received are processed by mental filters. We hear or don’t hear what others convey to us depending on a number of personal, social and cultural factors. For example:

    Ethnicity – you’re not part of the dominant ethnic group, racism asserts itself in many fashions. One is that in social situations persons who are not part of the dominant group may be ignored because they are simply regarded as not “as important.”

    Age – you’re an older male or female, ageism is rampant in our youth-obsessed culture and many younger people practice “distancing” to shield themselves from the certain knowledge that one day they will get old and die

    Lookism – you are unattractive

    Personality type – you are the quiet type. In a society that prizes extroverts (most western societies do) people who are self-contained, speak with a softer voice and have a non-dominant manner are frequently overlooked, shunned and ignored.

    Disability – you are visibly disabled and others feel uncomfortable in your presence.

    • Clive says:

      And amazingly absolutely none of these apply to the circumstances described on the page above. Did you read it?

      It’s interesting don’t you think that here you have an example of someone whom HAD this ‘I’m invisible, I’m not acknowledged, I’m being treated as if I don’t exist’ issue, (same as many of you arriving at this web page (judging by the search engine terms you use to get here)) whom actually identifies the causes and finds ways of dealing with them such that he discontinues being ‘invisible’ and yet over a three year period only ONE person with the same issue (out of 20,000 unique visitors to this one page) actually elects to try and become visible again whom not only achieves ‘visibility, acknowledgement, is seen to exist’ but actually leaves comments giving details of her experience of this.

      It’s also interesting don’t you think that everyone else elects to keep their ‘invisibility, not acknowledged, not seen to exist’ issue.

      I’ve closed commenting to this page now.